The third week we will always smoke two or three daily cigarettes avoiding the one of in the morning and the one of at night. The fourth week or we will be preparations to stop smoking, or smoking 1 cigarette at the most to us. Advice who will help to stop you smoking these 4 or 5 weeks: He is advisable to avoid during these four or five weeks, to join with people smokers to us, to enter bars in which is allowed to smoke, and he is inevitable to cross somebody smoking, to remove a caramel immediately to us and to eat it to us. One of the first causes to fall and to return to smoke, is because we see people smoking, and that attracts to us turning out inevitable to ignite a cigarette. Often the anxiety, is the factor that makes that we need a cigarette, to calm this symptom, is necessary to be most relaxed possible, to avoid tension in the work, marries etc., to avoid estresantes discussions and other situations that we created that they ended up making us go to by tobacco. Cmprate a cigarette case and during these four or five weeks, removes only the cigarettes that you are going to smoke, tries not to take pocket money to avoid to have to buy, llvate the house food and mantn your occupied mind and your caramels in the pocket. It is necessary that you know that the more difficult is to obtain a cigarette to you, the less probability even has of which you smoke it to you or of which desires to you.

Habitual symptoms when we stopped smoking: It is necessary to know that group of symptoms we can experiment during the first days without tobacco: Fatigue. Restlessness. Irritab ilidad. Fatigue. Digestive upheavals. Anxiety. Stress. Insomnia n n These must to that the body is decontaminating and undergoing a new change, all of them disappear when happening weeks without smoking.

In the second article we will speak of the natural therapies to stop smoking like: The hypnosis. Acupuncture. Yoga.