Elements Cultural That Strange An Immigrant

Curiously, after awhile of having left our country, our people and our culture back, started to miss many things, including some that we never really extranabamos or natural regularly when we still lived there. It is very common that when we are still in our land, a way out to eat at a restaurant with friends, does not imply that we should eat a stew, ajiaco, or a typical meal, since we are always looking to try new things and learn a little of other cultures being at home. This is also due to the high penetration of international food in our cities (some more than others) restaurants. The same happens with the cultural part, because normally expected forward the International Theatre Festival, the occasional visits from international artists and famous works. Similar case in reference to publications, weeklies, magazines, etc. But when we are no longer in our land, turns deeply a taste for many things that in one way or another marked our childhood and grew up with us, or also feel the need to have those flavors, smells and landscapes that although all did not take the days, in our immigration status, seem to want and Miss much more. Sometimes we get to dream or think about things that make us feel a little closer, calling those beautiful memories in silence.

I think that partly has to do with a normal process where must realize all the good that had at that time and that somehow failed to maximize. Perhaps due to the simple fact of having everything within reach; as it says that nadie knows what he has, until the pierde. Long said in other words, already not for foreignness or what we have (because it is handy), but on the contrary, we started to realize that our country has many things positive, pleasant and could perfectly compare with delight and specialties of any other culture simply never had the opportunity to give us realize how much we should be proud of our land. All this, with a important nuance and a difficult to achieve balance, as so many times in life: the acrobatic act involving live and enjoy the environment and the culture that has in the new country, without forgetting the roots that make us who we are and without that live obsessed by what this far. That could prevent us from creating new roots where our children and this is raising our future. Like everything in life, multiple options, experiences and alternatives enrich us, but we have to manage them properly so that they do not play in our favour and not become an anchor without regard to a nostalgic past, but rather a positive and enriching memory that fills us with pride. Our work in the phone red is closer to those people and cultural roots, not to be so marked that distance. We invite you to learn about the different ways that we offer to bring closer it to its roots in, the best way to be close again. Original author and source of the article

Alexander Olshansky

About a man is judged by its relation to animals and animals in relation to it. For writers often personify animals and human characters purely human problems. This is common for the writer's Alexander Olshansky, whose website has a section "On our smaller brethren." Here's the famous story of "Rex" on the border dog, written with such certainty that at the time the magazine "Young Naturalist" published it in the column "Notes of a Naturalist." The total circulation of this story long ago exceeded 3.5 million copies, it has created a kind of "reksianu." But the story-a parable, and in the work of Olshansky animals are parable nature of extraordinary fidelity Rex has another plan – the theme of loyalty, loss of individuality, freedom of his will. And such people can be trained to. Story 'Portosik' on a pretty cat-thief shkodnichaet that wherever we can, but educational measures it did not act. The story was written when the author was in his twenties, and the product of inherent doubts about the effectiveness of education, when it concerns the nature of being. "Whist, Pass, minuscule …" – the story of our irresponsible game with nature, the tragic fate of a draw stray dog Vaska, who all his life searching for the Boss. It is written in the Soviet period and the idea that everything in this world you want to host, that no man leads to ruin, was the idea of necessity in a country of private property.

The story "In good hands," continues the theme of the relationship of man and animals, but about perverted form of love for our younger brothers when she did not esteem the suffering of humans compared with animals, but it enslaves themselves and pets. "The Tale of Berdyansk goby" – the story-alert danger to all living our irresponsible attitude toward nature. But it's also a story about us, too gullible, not pecking for food, but just the idea of food … "lucky thing" – multi-dimensional story, but central to it is driven into mortal combat between the bear-rod and driven into the injustices of life. The winner is the person, but he is least like the winner. On animals it comes in other works.

Story "The death of Tamara" has become a cult in the homeland of a writer who is proud of the fact that the number of "Roman-gazeta", where it was published, in raisins stolen from mailboxes. Tamara called his mare Izyumsky kerosinschik tale, and it was the last horse in the city. In the "Cheeky Obezyanke" image appears as though the animal as a model for the future of smart, beautiful and intelligent woman, it's hard going to break with her husband, a nonentity. In the short novel "Before and After the first star, "an episode with an impressive celebration of the birthday of beloved dog" new Russian "on the background of the hungry young rural teachers. These works, like the creation of original talent of the writer, dictated by the search for harmony between man and nature, with ourselves, with past and future, space and everyday concerns – a sort of philosopher's stone, which Ol'shanskii, figuratively speaking, gained after almost half a century intense creative activity.

Driving Around Moscow

Driving – a complex skill, degree of assimilation is one way or another driver made dependent well-being and health, and often the lives of those involved in road situations – car owners and those who sit on the passenger seat. It is quite understandable that many of our fellow citizens who have to travel by car, are not confident, bow to a non-standard driving situations. Particularly disturbing feeling a young drivers in this endless metropolis like Moscow, where they will inevitably have to navigate in a dense flow of vehicles. Before beginning the driver is an important question: Which driving school it makes sense to go to really gain confidence in their ability to drive a car when the time comes to go on the road. Now in Moscow, you can register for multiple courses of driving, and, choosing from many options important that the professionalism and avtoinstruktor had had considerable driving experience and training. An experienced instructor will not just focus on the beginner automatic memorization of rules and actions to only give the student to pass on the right. This will really avtoinstruktor of the student other than the driver who feels the car as a part of themselves, develop skills not be lost in emergency situations, readily reveals the secrets of mastery of his experience, you'll get from him a lot of valuable advice on all aspects of complex life driver. Driving courses with experienced avtoinstruktorom – the best choice for a beginner. They to balance theory, practice and individual approach to the peculiarities and difficulties of the student.

Mesopotamia Practice

The horoscope is a practice that accompanies us from thousands of years ago. The earliest evidence of astrological studies dating from the 7th century BC, in the area of Mesopotamia. Thereafter, the practice of the study of the positions of the stars in the firmament and how these influence the destiny of every human being and in his personality became a practice regularly in different civilizations. Around three centuries later than the birth of astrology, the Greeks adopted the practice as their own, and gave him many of the features that come up to our days. Even the names by which we know the signs, derived mostly from Greek mythology. Aries refers to the Golden Fleece, the mythical RAM after which Jason and the Argonauts were in their search. Taurus refers to the way Zeus adopted when it abducted to Europe, for submission to its pleasures. Gemini is inspired by the twins Castor and Pollux.

Cancer reminds us of the crab which helped the Ivy of Lerna, a mythical monster that same Hera grew up from small. Then, he placed it in the sky, just near the constellation of the lion (Leo) so follow it closely. Leo is the lion that Hercules killed. Virgo reminds us of Astrea, only Virgin daughter of Zeus. Libra is the goddess of the Justice says, also daughter of Zeus.

Scorpio is another mythical monster, a Scorpion, which was sent to defeat the hunter Orion. Orion stepped on a Scorpion, and this the sting, causing the death of both nailed it. Zeus put them both in the sky, facing each other, so that the fighting will end. Sagittarius refers us to the Centaur Chiron. Unlike all the Centaurs, Chiron was intelligent and of good character. He was famous for his medical skills, to such an extent that saved of child, by inserting him a piece of a giant dead heel Achilles heel. He was accidentally wounded by a poisoned arrow, and to finish with her constant pain, called renouncing her immortality, I wish that was granted. Capricorn brings us back to the goat Amalthea, who nursed Zeus’s baby. Aquarium is inspired in the young Ganymede, a boy of extreme beauty that fell in love with the Zeus himself. Finally PISCES reminds the shape of fish that Ares and Aphrodite goddesses acquired to flee from the wrath of the titan Typhon. All zodiac signs can be visited on the page of free horoscope free Tarot, the most comprehensive web portal in fortune-telling and occult sciences.

Activated Water

Get activated water can be a variety of ways: the magnetic field, UV (ultraviolet) laser, acoustic fields, the electrolysis to the diaphragm and without evacuation. Activated water: It has a high turnover and solvency. Effectively substitutes and complements perfectly all cleansing supplements and physiotherapy. Used for complex purification of the body: the neutralization and elimination of wastes, toxins, carcinogens and radionuklidov.Rezko easier for health hangover drug and "breaking." Completely prevents the appearance of withdrawal syndrome when intake of water alternate with taking alcohol. Facilitates the health of people quit smoking or using drugs, by increasing cell membrane permeability and, consequently, more quickly than the body cleansing. Eases mood with food poisoning and carbon monoxide poisoning or toxicosis in domestic gazom.Snimaet pregnancy. Greatly increases the likelihood of healthy offspring in humans living in ecologically unfavorable zonah.Znachitelno increases the efficiency of the impact of physical therapy devices and physiotherapy protsedur.Usilivaet absorption of vitamin-mineral complexes, herbal remedies and dietary supplements that can reduce the time to reach a positive effect, reduce the dosage of drugs on 20-50%, it is safer to fix the results and save time and dengi.Uvelichivaet lifespan of human cells into artificially created adverse conditions by 10-15 times. Like melted water slows down the division cells with genetic damage.

Accelerates the regeneration of healthy kletok.Obladaet universal feature of the distribution of power to harmonize the internal organs. In the diagnosis of the method of Dr. Voll, just one sip of the water affects the level of energy the body similar to carefully selected homeopathic kompleksu.Snizhaet fatigue of drivers, computer users, the owners of powerful cordless telephones.

Existence Of Start-up Advice As A Basis For Economic Success

The tax office Maria Ulrich from Munich informs a business start-up is connected to many issues. To make an economically healthy and acceptable take on the legs, you should set the right course in a timely manner. A comprehensive Foundation planning includes all divisions. Many decisions affect not only social security and commercial issues, but also on tax. Therefore a professional and competent consultation is essential before and during the existence Foundation if you want to have lasting success. What tasks supported by a tax office, explains the tax advisor Maria Ulrich from Munich. Start-up consultation of existence of and their services business decision should be taken to never emotionally, but objectively and with the necessary vision. The euphoria is great especially for a business start-up and possibly one is not factual on the task to approach capable of. An accountant has the necessary objectivity and Knowledge, to decide in each stage of founding a professional. Its scope of services includes, among other areas: set the entrepreneurial objective examination of the business idea on their feasibility determination of liquidity needs common elaboration of a concept creation and participation at business plans determine of the appropriate choice of legal form for the company assistance in applying for subsidies in connection with companies assisting with business development and/or acquisition assistance in filling out existence founding documents support during discussions of the Bank calculation of capital requirements help in investment and financing matters analysis of site selection facility accounting for detailed information on the subject of entrepreneurship is that Tax firm Maria Ulrich from Munich at your disposal at any time. Press contact: tax office Maria Ulrich contact: Maria Ulrich aide road 108 81379 Munich Tel.: 089/41134860 fax: 089 / 41134829 E-Mail: Homepage: