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On several occasions consulted me helping people because they presume that some Member of the family – essentially teens – consume or are in something weird. These presumptions of the family are real, intervene in all cases that has touched me, there has always been a direct relationship of teenager with any drugs. There is a series of unique signs, mostly there are matching boys behavioural aspects and from now, it is common to adults. Some almost minimal differences, but with such serious consequences in one case. But in General, always points in common between them. The guys more or less resemble each other when begin to walk the way of drugs. In particular, their attitudes.People are one, the attitudes that emerge from these, there are thousands and this is what somehow, denounces the changes within ourselves. Those who know more boys in their attitudes, are the closest relatives: father, mother and brothers, after which they are: friends, family, etc. And this is not strictly a matter of trust, given that they cannot say what happens to them, but they act it and almost sudden, immediate observation in the ways of acting, they are the tip of the skein of a topic that goes beyond what we can see or infer.

Without tying me to religious precepts, but in some cases respectful of them, each one is owner of his life and with it can do what meths him. When it comes to guys, item incorporates other elements, beyond the emotional, are the responsibilities that belong to us as adults parents and this pointed out. Therefore, nobody leaves RID random growth of their children, but otherwise, obligations on parents of guidelines that make an integral formation of the minor. And in this, for years and why not life itself, pushes us to be vigilant, to be vigilant in all things concerning the life of the child, from kindergarten, primary school, the secondary struggles, the first deep changes in the morphology of the teenager, etc. And in these stages, it is when we feel that we must be more vigilant and despite this many issues escape us.In my experience, there is no a single causal generated drastic changes in boys, but they are several facts that are favoring the ideal terrain so sometime this burst and almost in silence, accompanied by pairs under the same circumstances they embark on a path that sometimes does not return. They are almost always very sensitive and vulnerable people.And one of the main fears in children, passes through believing that parents are far from understanding them and if not so, to feel that they are the causes of your headaches, that would speak to them, if until today – they think – caused me pain. Then start to where it can, far are deciding where they want.Nothing is casual or sudden, everything has a process and in it are all involved, although the prevailing trend of adults, is to remove responsibility from the top. Of some or another way, minimal alterations in behavior appear and this, something we He is saying. Even more so if we can see some possible causative or relate it to this, is nothing to dismiss. Happens that the great believe that we know it all and rarely admonitions our mistakes, let alone, someone advise us; except when we are in the oven. And sometimes, it is too late.

Where these parents prevail, it is very likely that there is a boy with difficulties, almost which can not be otherwise. We are at some point, due to those who live.Depends on the ability to see the problem, also depends on the ways to begin to find a way to deal with it. They are situations that warrant a talk with suitable professional, where everyone should be willing to be part of a treatment and on an outpatient basis can alcanzarce a solution and in other cases, where the links are more complicated, stays in therapeutic communities are the place indicated without a doubt. Find the appropriate space is an entire task, there must find them.In the most of these cases who consumes is going through extreme situations, initially consumed with the money which prevent spending on an output, then steal of home, then sell personal items such as clothing; later when consumption hurries the Tranz it gives them until they are prisoners of the and in exchange for mercy gives them a weapon to start getting the money owed. And they enter into a road where playing life is commonplace.

Already their acts, become unmanageable.And here the return is via court case and subsequent hospitalization, insofar and as soon as the victim can not assume the need to undergo a hospital stay, which is not minimum three years with conviction. Otherwise these fracasaran over and over again. Since not all cases are equal. It has a lot to see the relationship linking of the involved with your family and/or referents prevailing in his life. In addition to economic resources with those who have to deal with costly treatment, if it has no social work, although many do not recognize it in their performance.If there is something which defines per, because the prisons are crowded with poor people, is simply this detail, which has money consumed by the best, it is defended by the best lawyer and performs his treatment at the private level, the rest on the bottom. Agredado the social stigma that this awakens in a society that is said healthy, because it works and studies, in addition to attending mass of 10. There is family, social status that exempts of suffering from a member of the same with this issue. To anything can happen to us, the issue is to see how we solve it. It should be noted that many relapse originate because the person that undergoes treatment and once achieved its high – after almost three years or more – back to the middle and face the real possibility of inserting again, with time without anything containing it, again falling or in some cases, they do definitely. This is a responsibility of the State, this should generate the means to enable their citizens to develop and live according to his dignity, otherwise this problem will continue to Ad-eternum.


The legend says that the gods decided to create a place in which to unite East and West. They wanted to merge the two cultures in a new proposal that aglutinara the best and most beautiful of both. And thus was born Turkey. Due to its strategic position, being located between Europe and Asia, as well as between three seas, Turkey has been a crossroads between Eastern and Western civilizations and cultures. + to + Turquia_63_668_1423_1_es. html the official language of Turkey is Turkish. English and German are the most common foreign languages.

In certain tourist areas it is possible to communicate in Spanish. Turkey has a Mediterranean climate on the coast and continental inside. Their summers are hot while winters, especially in the interior, can be very cold with frequent snow. The vast majority of Turks are Muslims. There are also Christians, Orthodox and yezies, followers of an ancient religion near the border with Iraq. The official currency in Turkey is the Turkish Lira (TL. A Lira is worth approximately 0.50.

Turkish cuisine is well known today and seems to have influenced other cuisines in the use of spices, roast meats, etc. It is known for its features bridge between Persian cuisine, the Arab, the cuisines of the Middle East and Indian cuisine. Doner Kebab, lamb, chicken or beef is one of the best-known Turkish meals internationally. The Baclava is a cake of puff pastry with walnuts or pistachios and honey syrup. It is one of the most traditional desserts of Turkey. Do do do very similar to the Baclava, is the kaday? f (do Kaday? f) which is made with sheets of wheat forming a kind of noodles which are roasted and coated in honey and ekmek kaday? f?, which is totally different and from the tel kaday? f. The Kunefe and ekmek kaday? f?. Turkey has various palaces, mosques and castles.

The Proper And Quality Installation Of Satellite Dishes

How to properly and quickly set up a satellite dish without the help of a professional to install a satellite dish. 1.Nuzhno choose where to install, that is exactly where we will perform the installation of satellite dishes. Requires public review from the point of installing a satellite, make sure that the trees keep healthbars from closing review or other surrendered, all satellites are located towards the south-west to south-east. And most are located high above the horizon satellites, located right in the south. Interfere with signal reception, any obstacles (houses, trees, power lines) on the line connecting the antenna and the satellite. In addition, the antenna must be in an easily accessible place for you, especially important at the time of its setting, and the reach of others, so it was impossible to easily bring it down.

2. Installing the bracket. Install the bracket preferably wedging metal bolts or screws, for concrete and masonry (silicate) walls, a wall with red or porous bricks to use bolts with plastic fillings. Around the attachment should always try to keep most of the brick and install mounting above the fourth row from the top, or at a distance of at least four bricks on the angle of the wall to avoid the appearance of cracks in the crease. In what is marking and drilling holes in the wall. Thereafter is driving and broaching of anchor bolts in the wall with the bracket and the tightening them further to go. Next, check the strength of the resulting design.

3. Assembling the dish. When assembling the necessary handled carefully and with mirror antenna, not to cause any mechanical damage, which changes the geometry of the mirror. After assembly, check all the strength tightening fasteners, check the correct assembly and is often collected properly and then set davolno tyazhnlo all UTB case. Before installing the antenna you need to install two additional mount Lenses (multifeed option for a three satellite) as shown in the figure. Left Amos, in the heart of Sirius and then Hot Bird. If you look at the mirror antenna is located on the converter imaginary line at a certain angle, and Hot Bird at the bottom and top of Amos. To connect the cable to use so-called F-connectors are placed on the cable without soldering. This is done correctly, as shown in photo: Trimmed 1.2 cm top layer of PVC on the edge of the cable. Shielded braid with foil tucked in the opposite direction. The internal filler is cut so that the remaining approximately 3 mm. F-connector on the cable is wound tight as long as the inner filling is out of the bottom connector. Central vein bite so that it protruded 2-3 mm beyond the edge connector. At the end of installation it is necessary to link all together. And we must remember that if you do not do everything yourself, then nobody on the ball you will not be set. A satellite dish installation today is worth more than a hundred dollars, and it without the cost of the equipment.