Avoid Stress

Body, mind and soul are totally overwhelmed with all the daily pressure! The company has the conviction, with even more pressure you could develop even more itself, to be finally happy. But if you look around, generates this pressure everywhere just more stress, leads to increasing vulnerability of the body, and mental health is increasingly in the basement. This one-sidedness of meritocracy but once for make is in question. Long after a break and after switching off. Now you toil for a year, then maybe 2 weeks on any island to fly.

One year you have kept yourself and your body, which has built many blockades over water. Your body can not recover in this 2 weeks holiday. In many cases, people become sick in this holiday. All pent up, all the pressure now turns into somatic symptoms. Man is not able also indefinitely with additional substances, of whom live whole industries, from the hamster wheel to disembark (see also the article “you are not what you eat, you are what you believe”). Minor diseases, you can keep always a certain while under control and are through. But what comes then? Hip surgery, heart attack, cancer… How do you know when it is time for you to change something? COLDS – they show that it has become already tight.

Their freedom has become the dependency. Where do feel, and differentiate themselves. High blood pressure – the statement is already in the word itself. Do know where you get too much pressure or suspend and dissolve it. BACK issues – the stress is unbearable. You saddle up too much. Distribute the loads. Uninstall ligated responsibility. KNEE – problems that, because you yourself not bend forward and some change. You do not see the things. It calls on more skin problems – the body, to differentiate themselves. Are you even on weight? HEART problems – the lightness disappeared. When did you last real happiness, real Joie de vivre? Where’s the love for yourself? We can continue this list, she would fill pages, and finally we find in it new symptoms, diseases, which never previously existed… Want to wait until it’s too late? No more compromises! Connect your precious vacation once with an extraordinary event in our Academy for holistic awareness. Completely turn back the daily routine for a week and then take a new, real ease home. It is your life for which you are responsible. Ralph-Dietmar Stief, holistic therapist

Dental Disease Common Problems

There is nothing more annoying that you have a toothache, the sound of Strawberry, or a sharp tooth cleaning, everything can get it to prevent with preventive actions to dental diseases, so today I want to describe some of these dental diseases, their care and as identifying prior way, seeking to avoid future, visits not so nice visiting your dentist. Best-known dental disease is the #01 of the dental diseases: caries, is one of the most common dental diseases, mentioned by everyone but we do not know as much as we should, this disease is a destruction of tissues caused by acids that generate bacterial plaque, which destroy the outer tooth (enamel) layer, can cause the destruction of the tooth until leaks inside it and the worst scenarios. This type of disease can be identified visually by yellowish or brown areas, black points or points by pains in teeth unless you can see nothing, it is advisable attending the dentist regularly for avoid this type of disease. The #02 of the dental disease is: another common dental diseases are periodontal diseases, these are infections of bacteria that attack the gums, can arrive to attack until the bones that support the teeth, this type of disease is not easy to detect since it may occur without any pain or appearance specifies. But you can perhaps identify it if you find that your gums bleed when brushing you teeth or the color of the gums becomes a red more intense, another symptom is if you feel swollen gums.

The #03 of the dental disease is: bruxism is another of dental diseases that occur commonly, this disease is unconsciously tighten muscles that involve chewing, also can occur when you clench your teeth, such actions causes pain in the teeth, gums, to the point of generating a headache for these bad practices. To treat this type of illness you should try to stress, and that it is one the causes of this. The #04 of the dental disease is: on occasion can you hear the term dry mouth or xerostomia, tooth disease that consists in the lack of saliva in the mouth, or in the properties of the same disorder, either more bushy u another variation. You can make identification of this disease by difficulties to swallow food, bad breath or other unusual sensations in the mouth. Prevention of dental diseases, the best option in short the best option for the treatment of dental diseases are preventive actions, remember always to perform properly your oral hygiene, brushing your teeth 3 times a day, it is preferable to use cream of teeth with fluoride, make brushing without forgetting the gums or teeth of difficult accessalways use dental floss, mouthwash or gargle performed, changes the brush frequently, always keep a healthy diet. The above are only some of the tips for the prevention of diseases, but most importantly visit with frequency the dentist and let the expert do his job. Know the full article at the following link > Enfermedades-dentales improving health oral.

Typical Summer Diseases Prevention

The summer brings what health problems with it and how it is them out of the way? It is the Sun, which makes the favorite season of many of the summer and gives the body energy. It is but also the most common cause of summer diseases. This is generally the harmful effects of UV rays, that, among other things, breaking the skin and also bring the temperature balance of the body out of balance by heat generation. In the summer, therefore the sunburn is one of the classic health problems. Is the skin too long exposed to sunlight without protection, then the short-wave ultraviolet rays penetrate the skin. There they inflict damage to the tissue and cause a local inflammatory phenomenon. First warning sign is the skin redness, to join hypersensitivity and blistering and itching and swelling.

After a while, the damaged top layer of skin peels off. Prevent you can sunburn inter alia through appropriate attire. Long-sleeved tops provide protection, where thin cotton at strong Sunlight is not enough. Athletes such as clothing with UV protection is recommended. Creams and lotions with a high sun protection factor, which should be adapted to the own skin type are also effective. It is already suffering from sunburn, create refreshing, moisturizing skin care products. The sunstroke is one of many other summer diseases, warn Advisor article. It occurs when rays make long directly on the head and the neck.

Brain tissue and brain become irritated and inflammation, which finds expression in nausea and vomiting, dizziness and ear noises and even consciousness is formed. It is important in the prevention of a sunstroke that you wear a bright head covering as a summer hat or a baseball cap. The heat stroke represents an increase in the problem and brings symptoms such as fever, convulsions and unconsciousness with it. He is life-threatening. Important a rapid cooling of the stakeholders of especially the head and taking is generally of sufficient Liquid. Summer diseases are often also associated with the summer flu combined. You due to the rapid changes of heat and cold, and manifests itself in a clinical picture like in the normal flu. It is advisable for the prevention to avoid draughts and transitioning from a long time sunbathing with cool water. Wet sweat clothes are to change quickly. The complaints as when a cold are treated, for example with nasal spray and much fluid intake in the form of water or herbal tea. The immune system is also capable of plant resources on the basis of echinacea extract be strengthened. Another issue of the summer, you can call directly as a summer disease, are insect bites and the reactions to it. Mosquitoes are more bothersome than harmful in Germany, but bees and wasps cause sometimes allergic reactions up to the shock. Ticks are important causes of TBE and Lyme disease in some areas. Basically it helps against insect bites with an insect repellant and covering clothing to protect.