Heart Disease

Cigarette addiction is a risk factor for the health of the heart, a reason more to stop this harmful habit. Five millions of death in the world each year are related to smoking and the development of cardiovascular disease. This is why the cigarette addiction is one of the most dangerous habits of life today. For many people this is a misleading and harmful, hard to resist enemy, which has various negative effects on the health of the heart. The quantity of tobacco and heart disease relationship establishes that for every 10 cigarettes daily consumption increases by 18% mortality in men and 31% in women. The mechanisms by which smoking affects cardiovascular health are multiple.

Smoking as heart risk factor is able to enhance the arterial hypertension, worsens the profile of lipids and carbohydrates, while it generates increased proinflammatory response responsible for cardiovascular events, such as for example a thrombosis. For all these reasons, subject smokers represent a group of risk of cardiovascular events, which implies consult your specialist in order to check associated factors that multiply your possibility of heart problems widely. Who smoke should also be careful to examine the possibility of asymptomatic arterioscleroticas disease in the phase or symptoms start them from the heart, the brain arteries and lower limbs. This is in order to prevent stroke and the carotid, strokes and coronary disease. When you stop smoking, after two or three years decreases significantly the irrigation of diseases by this factor and five years is balanced on an index similar to the of non-smokers. There is a wide range of treatments to abandon this pathological addiction, drugs, therapies of hypnosis, psychiatrists etc. If you that suffer from this addiction, it is now at your fingertips a revolutionary method that is helping many people throughout the world.