How To Choose A Language College In Germany

Of the variety of language schools and colleges in Germany, we do not just randomly selected Frankfurt, Freiburg and colleges. First, we took into account the proximity of these schools to the best universities in Germany: Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universitat, Universitat von Heidelberg, as well Universitat von Freiburg. Freiburg is specialized college prepares for entry into universities and even offers a course meets all the requirements of the City University of Freiburg. In this college you can also attend private lessons for your chosen destination: tourism, management, economics and others. Perhaps check out Dean Ornish M.D for more information. The second selection criterion was for us the cost of training. Frankfurt College offers nearly the lowest in German tuition fees, while maintaining consistent quality of teaching. Freiburg same college is widely recognized as one of the best in Germany in all aspects of teaching, known for their individual approach to students.

Is important for the choice of college was also started regular training courses. Frankfurt college new course starts every month, Freiburg boasts a weekly set of new educational groups. Thus, anyone who would like to get enough quality training for very little money, we can offer the college town of Frankfurt. But for all those who are not accustomed to compromise and wants to get best for a reasonable price, you should not hesitate to choose Freiburg. Additional information can be found here.

Iron Curtain Students

Perhaps the key to? The fact that many who studied with me there were not that much loved subject, or would like to associate with them a career, but because it was important to higher education, any, above, not below the highest. Truly hurts the fact that a person who has studied history for five years and became a certified specialist, historian, when the word "history" is horrified. But perhaps the key in the bowels of the system of teaching? The fact that training was limited to "infusion" of knowledge, static in their eligibility criteria in a changing situation, but not dressed in the new, allowing to use the accumulated baggage for adaptation, shell, and an old linen bag, sewn in 70 years period of Russian history. With this bag is not something that people get embarrassed, but very unpleasant. Hence, perhaps, horrific effects of cutting ears "proud" of the name "historian." Needs of society change, the profession becomes more or less demand, and the system is transformed slowly.

But the unwavering and my belief that the flywheel of change started: teaching stuff confidently slowly filled up with new lecturers, receding into the past and neuro-hysterical grasping what historians got to fill the void, which left descended from the stage Change and the walls, floor, desks, equipment, and even chandeliers. K better, more modern and aesthetically pleasing. Change students. Which way – see above. The Iron Curtain plus versus immobile "starogvardeytsy" Yes, I was certainly …

But the fear and trembling of teachers remain. Communication between those who teach and those who study extremely difficult. All living things in the university has always been associated for me with a kind of tripartite hierarchy: somewhere above the terrible iron administration and its applications. Below – more accessible teachers. More below – behind the iron fence – the students. Particularly high fence to communicate with lecturers, "starogvardeytsami." There are many. Forever imprinted student chronicles of my generation image of the country an elderly lady, broadcasts of all the lectures are not about the subject, but about his relatives and personal problems, sometimes several times, almost word for word. That's really who is not intrinsic to mobility. But the movement itself, the circulation in the science of rotating members frozen in my memory hierarchies through the blood patterns of scientific space … almost non-existent. No full mobility no students or teachers. Rarely goes somewhere. If you ride, one and all the time, but not all though least once. And in the very "province" my every day drop in visitors. Rarely zabegut foreigners, rather, out of curiosity and respect for our education, and well, of course, because they somehow do their duty mobility. Very rarely visit compatriots. Yeah, neither we – to them, nor they are – to us. Plus versus All vyshenapisannoe is the most concrete picture. Not all and not all fit into the niches described. And this is not criticism in the full word. It is easy and completely air-reproach censure with a full gust of hope for progress. It is not spreading in epithets, but an indication of the problems and their solutions is a pledge to move forward. A progress – is essential.