Physical Activities

Amongst the more common physical modifications they are the reduction of the free and available energy in the organism, cellular losses, degenerative diseases, gradual loss of the elastic properties of conjunctive fabrics, disappearance of cellular elements of the nervous system, increase in the amount of fat in the organism, reduction of the force muscular and hormonal, excreo of the sexual glands and supplies renais, greater probability of osteoporose. According to Cossenza: A aerbica activity will be characterized by an use of great muscular masses in cyclical movements having as priority the durability of the exercise not reaching the maximum of the organism, therefore the more time will be carried through more calories will be spending and proportionally bigger it will be the mobilization of the fat in relation to the carboidratos. If you are not convinced, visit Donald Sussman. Great modifications exist that are decurrent of the o aging, amongst which the absence of esteem and the happened traumas of the familiar conflict of generation also are factors as it can be observed in the boarded subjects for tele novels, magazines and literary compositions. It is important to also have healthful habits so that the natural cycles of life occur providing a bigger quality of life of the people, with bigger probability of life expectancy. Source: Dean Ornish M.D. Thus being, the aging is a physiological phenomenon that occurs of form gradual, however he is not pathological, therefore it occurs with all the human beings. It has people that they define physical activities with weight increase, in contrast gymnastics, hidroginstica and training of force are excellent allies to lose weight and better qualities of life for who practise. Therefore according to authors Baechle, Westcott, (2001.p.02) Can themselves be had listened that the force training is bad for the heart and raises the arterial pressure, plus this are very improbable. In the reality the research carried through in the John Hopkins Unioversit discloses that the consistent exercises of force training are beneficial for the cardiac recovery, and the studies of the University of California show that the training of force carried through in adequate way can, in fact, to reduce the arterial pressure. With this the author strengthens it thesis of the great contribution in the health of the aged one that he practises some physical activity with any choice of the individual. Below some main benefits are related of training of muscular force in the third age that contributes in the quality of life second research made for Fiatarone (1996) is: it improves of the speed in the floor; it improves of the balance; increase of the level of spontaneous physical activity; it improves of auto-esteem; contribution in the maintenance and/or increase of the ssea density; cardiac aid in the control of diabetes, artrite and illnesses; it improves of the dietary ingestion; reduction of the depression.


He does not have nothing that to help. Harmed it me; he separated to me of my family. With much calm and looking for to donate the biggest amount of possible love to this brother, it said: Calm my brother, all we we are defective, all we commit errors. We need to have the force to pardon. This is not easy for none of us, but it is possible. Perhaps check out Kevin P. Campbell, PhD for more information.

Starting to stutter, and initiating a certainty I cry, it said: I want to see my family. I want my wife, my son. It separated to me of them, never more I saw. You are good, I to harm you did not want you, but vocs it cannot help. They cannot. I said: You go to see its family, but she needs to leave this band of hatred that the brother if finds. He needs to ask for to the Father forces to surpass this. I know that he is not easy for none of us, but the Father Biggest does not abandon none of its children.

He has faith, courage and confidence my brother. It said then crying: Why it made this with me? Why I am black? Why I am enslaved? It could not have done this with me! Calm my brother. Everything this is past, goes to initiate a new future. We go to make a conjunct in set, This only can help you, to assist you at this moment of pain and suffering. Prayer of white? I do not know to make. What prays the brother wants to make? I do not know. The brother can repeat a conjunct with me? We go my brother, it has faith, it has courage. I initiated the Father Ours, saying: Father Ours that you are in the sky. Thanks to the Father, it readily he repeated. Saying still, I am with sleep, with much sleep, I make as much time that I do not feel this.


It is defined as ‘ ‘ a behavior that is accurately the opposite of the true feeling (that one that the person, in fact, is feeling). We can see this all the time in loving relationships, where ‘ ‘ I hate voc’ ‘ — he turns one ‘ ‘ I you amo’ ‘ , very quickly. Repression the repression is underlying in all the people, and is possibly the oldest psychological mechanism of all. The repression is defined by ‘ ‘ to keep restrained thoughts, emotions and overwhelming feelings in inconsciente.’ ‘ It has had much controversy on restrained memories, and many actions at law are perplexos with the result of this. The memory of a girl who was molested, sexually, frequent, when it was a child will be able to become a restrained memory. The girl goes to forget this experience completely, restraining it.

Only that, inevitably, the memory resurges years later. The problem is that for times, it had cases of experiences resurging that they are not true. All trustworthy restrained memories are not of e, to the times can be same lies. On the other hand, it had some cases of restrained memories being accurate. It is there that the animal catches: where it is Really? .

SUBLIMING IS most efficient of the mechanisms of defense in the measure where it canalizes the libidinais impulses for a useful and socially acceptable position. The successful defenses can be placed under the subliming heading. This expression — subliming — it does not assign a specific mechanism; some mechanisms can be used in the successful defenses; for example, the transformation of the passivity in activity; the roundup in return of the subject, the inversion of certain objective in the opposing objective, etc. Suppression Is a predestinate mechanism to the failure that fell in disuse because of its total inefficacy. Nobody SUPPRESSES nothing of what he is psychological What it is intended TO SUPPRESS is converted into some of the psychological mechanisms above, described.


Through a bibliographical study, he will be presented a little of the history of its sprouting, concepts, objects of study and possibilities of performance of the psychologist in this area. A synthesis of some carried through works already in Ambient Psychology was displayed that had analyzed the interaction of children, aged adolescents and with institucional environment, the interaction person with urban environment, among others, demonstrating the utility of it disciplines in the study of the relation person-environment as form of promotion of well-being and searchs of the support. Being the environment, producing space of psychological, emotional, personal development, professional the behavior, product of the interaction of the man with the way, the inclusion of Ambient Psychology in the half academic if shows sufficiently interesting, since the work of the psychologist will be being influenced for the physical structure of the environment where its customer is inserted, being this also affected by the conditions of the objective and lived deeply space. Newcastle University has firm opinions on the matter. Word-key: Ambient psychology; Environment; Method of Work.

INTRODUCTION Since 1750, the world-wide population has grown of sped up form, having in last the cinquenta years an increase of 2,5 billion inhabitants for 6 billion. The represamento of the rivers, the use of the water, the fertilizer consumption, the urban population, the consumption of paper and the amount of vehicles the engine had increased expressivamente without indications of that it will have an inversion of this growth. In parallel, the nature is moving with the global heating, the destruction of the ozone layer, the amount of natural disasters, the sped up destruction of the tropical forests and of forest regions and the extinguishing of a variety of species.

Psicossocial Attention

Taste very of the work developed for the CAPS (Center of Psicossocial Attention), I wait one day to work in this modality of service. In 2009 when she was in the graduation, I carried through not curricular period of training in one known hospital psychiatric of the region of the great Florianpolis the IPQ (Institute of Psychiatry of Santa Catarina), known as the Colony Santana. I was 13 months in this period of training and could learn very and to know the hard reality of who lives in an institutionalized life. My work of course conclusion had as subject: The permanence of the treatment in mental health in the psychiatric hospital in the manicomial logic: story of an experience. This TCC was published in the library of the UNISUL, I carried through corrections to improve the writing of the work and rewrote this in the first person of the singular, when these corrections will be finished and the formatted work, I will publish in my site the brought up to date version. In this year I created the site and I am credential for the CFP (Federal Advice of Psychology) to give in my site the psychological services mediated by computer that are regulated by RESOLUTION CFP N 012/2005 as: psychological and affective-sexual orientation, professional orientation, orientation of learning and pertaining to school psychology. I carry through the atendimentos for email or MSN. I can all take care of to people of Brazil and other countries.

Public lathe with much pride my trajectory of life and beginning of professional career, I wait that my experience of life in some way can help motivating people who want to be successful in the life. Many times, for the experience of the other, exactly that this is and is always different of ours, we can seeing in them in a condition to be successful exactly ahead of the difficulties. History is constant and dynamic, we have many possibilities in the life, these possibilities depend on our movement in the world, and alone we can choose as we put into motion in them in the world. From our choices and of as we search to carry through the objectives that we want are that we extend the possibilities to be successful in the life. Difficulties are gifts in the day the day, the important one are not to stop in these. I go to in front continue following, searching to carry through my objectives and creating others, the life continues!