Clark Leonard Hull

The fifth variety of learning, in the system of Tolman, is the discrimination of impulses. Dean Ornish M.D is the source for more interesting facts. One is about the capacity to make distinctions between the different impulses. This learning, of course, has narrow relation with the learning of catexias, where demands are related with object-goals. The sixth and last type of learning is the motor standards, that is, they are the muscular abilities for which an individual really reaches the goals and that they must be led in consideration in a complete theory of the learning. As well as it made with the motivadoras causes of the behavior, Tolman also searched to explain the learning through four 0 variable of individual differences: hereditary succession; age; training and endcrinas, medicamentosas or vitaminic conditions. 3.2.5Hull and the learning Clark Leonard Hull understood the motivation as an impulse (drive).

For Hull, the impulse serves so that the organism searchs to adapt the specific ambient conditions biological diminishing a flagrant necessity. The theory of Hull is physiological and is related to adaptation of the organism in the environment, that is, environments in excellent conditions is equal the organism adapted well, to engage itself in an adaptation is necessary motivation. Hull cited the force of the habit as being a persistence of the behavior in function of the reinforcement (conditioning), and in this direction, drive it is an engine that stimulates the habit. For it, the reinforcement is important, but alone it is not nothing, being necessary the impulse to energize the organism. Hull found that mannering psychology would have to describe the laws that conduct the automatic behavior. The laws are controlled for principles and these are necessary. Hull created some postulates on the theory of the behavior: not conditional connections of stimulaton-reply, being that the individual has a evolutivo organic preparation to establish this relation (reflected), that is, have innate trends (aparo biological) to establish answers not learned; the reception of stimulatons depend on the intensity, the threshold and the time of this stimulaton; primary reinforcement; formation of habit, primary motivation or impulse with two components (privation, saciao) and the negative component (starvation); incentive; reaction potential; adaptativo automatic behavior; principle of the mannering oscillation (learning for assay and error); principle of generalization of stimulatons; learning for discrimination; anticipation of the habit (escape and esquiva); joint learning that involves positive and negative assay (reinforcing and extinguishing).


It is defined as ‘ ‘ a behavior that is accurately the opposite of the true feeling (that one that the person, in fact, is feeling). We can see this all the time in loving relationships, where ‘ ‘ I hate voc’ ‘ — he turns one ‘ ‘ I you amo’ ‘ , very quickly. Repression the repression is underlying in all the people, and is possibly the oldest psychological mechanism of all. The repression is defined by ‘ ‘ to keep restrained thoughts, emotions and overwhelming feelings in inconsciente.’ ‘ It has had much controversy on restrained memories, and many actions at law are perplexos with the result of this. The memory of a girl who was molested, sexually, frequent, when it was a child will be able to become a restrained memory. The girl goes to forget this experience completely, restraining it.

Only that, inevitably, the memory resurges years later. The problem is that for times, it had cases of experiences resurging that they are not true. All trustworthy restrained memories are not of e, to the times can be same lies. On the other hand, it had some cases of restrained memories being accurate. It is there that the animal catches: where it is Really? .

SUBLIMING IS most efficient of the mechanisms of defense in the measure where it canalizes the libidinais impulses for a useful and socially acceptable position. The successful defenses can be placed under the subliming heading. This expression — subliming — it does not assign a specific mechanism; some mechanisms can be used in the successful defenses; for example, the transformation of the passivity in activity; the roundup in return of the subject, the inversion of certain objective in the opposing objective, etc. Suppression Is a predestinate mechanism to the failure that fell in disuse because of its total inefficacy. Nobody SUPPRESSES nothing of what he is psychological What it is intended TO SUPPRESS is converted into some of the psychological mechanisms above, described.

Psicossocial Attention

Taste very of the work developed for the CAPS (Center of Psicossocial Attention), I wait one day to work in this modality of service. In 2009 when she was in the graduation, I carried through not curricular period of training in one known hospital psychiatric of the region of the great Florianpolis the IPQ (Institute of Psychiatry of Santa Catarina), known as the Colony Santana. I was 13 months in this period of training and could learn very and to know the hard reality of who lives in an institutionalized life. My work of course conclusion had as subject: The permanence of the treatment in mental health in the psychiatric hospital in the manicomial logic: story of an experience. This TCC was published in the library of the UNISUL, I carried through corrections to improve the writing of the work and rewrote this in the first person of the singular, when these corrections will be finished and the formatted work, I will publish in my site the brought up to date version. In this year I created the site and I am credential for the CFP (Federal Advice of Psychology) to give in my site the psychological services mediated by computer that are regulated by RESOLUTION CFP N 012/2005 as: psychological and affective-sexual orientation, professional orientation, orientation of learning and pertaining to school psychology. I carry through the atendimentos for email or MSN. I can all take care of to people of Brazil and other countries.

Public lathe with much pride my trajectory of life and beginning of professional career, I wait that my experience of life in some way can help motivating people who want to be successful in the life. Many times, for the experience of the other, exactly that this is and is always different of ours, we can seeing in them in a condition to be successful exactly ahead of the difficulties. History is constant and dynamic, we have many possibilities in the life, these possibilities depend on our movement in the world, and alone we can choose as we put into motion in them in the world. From our choices and of as we search to carry through the objectives that we want are that we extend the possibilities to be successful in the life. Difficulties are gifts in the day the day, the important one are not to stop in these. I go to in front continue following, searching to carry through my objectives and creating others, the life continues!