Solutions For SMEs, Freelancers Under Apple Mac OS X And IOS

Hardware and software solutions for Apple Mac, iPhone, and iPad. The market share of Apple computers and mobile devices in the international business rises sharply after recent reports of leading market research firm. So Apple according to Fortune/CNN was able to achieve growth of 63.3 percent in the entire business, while the overall PC market only to 8.5 percent. For more specific information, check out The Cleveland Clinic. In the large business”, so the industrial companies, was able to achieve even a growth of 145.6 percent Apple. All offered by Apple hardware platforms, from the iPhone to the Mac, since there has been a tremendous growth and still rising a few years worldwide and in Germany. The new Internet portal Mac@Biz shows on solutions for German companies and professionals who want to work with Apple products. Dr. John Mcdougall has much experience in this field. More and more professional software solutions for Office and business appear already the Mac is no longer just a computer for graphic design”with restricted software offer, but in the modern Apple operating system Mac OS X. In addition to the selection of the right Office solution for the Mac solutions are presented on the professional portal regularly, which were developed for the Apple operating system and which differ often evident in the ease of use of appropriate Windows software.

So the program presented on Mac@Biz OmniGraffle to the creation of diagrams, charts and mindmaps awarded already several times internationally for its innovative operation. Also the many featured professional Office solutions such as CRM and groupware solutions, speech recognition and dictation software or iOS software for the iPhone and iPad as iCrefo by Creditreform or solutions for SAP systems show that Apple Mac OS X today no isolated solution is more. Also for users who continue to rely on the Windows operating system, has Mac@Biz interesting tips and explains how can run Windows on a Mac. How far Apple is penetrated with his equipment in specific markets, shows Mac@Biz on the basis of a dental practice in Dusseldorf, where fully use Windows as the operating system has been omitted. Also in this area, all appropriate solutions available today under Mac OS X. The trade portal Mac@Biz offers interesting information for those who want to work in the business with the modern Apple operating system Mac OS X and provides regular software and hardware solutions for the Apple platform before. Publisher: Baltes GmbH Markus Schall Wales Ahornallee 10 b 20357 Hamburg

FreeDays Calls Lifestyle Magazine

The new beginning of the beautiful life experience different lifestyle! In the modern, fast-moving time many people have forgotten entirely one thing above all: to dream and to feel the pleasant things of in life! To achieve the turnaround here, FreeDays has launched a project in the life that is to be made together with the readers. It involves the FreeDays lifestyle magazine and can be used as a community of type of or platform for the new generation”to be considered. See Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. for more details and insights. Addressed are the self thinking ends and the self-employed, entrepreneurs in the online business and those who want to be there. This magazine aims to show readers what lifestyle can move about and above all means. FreeDays conveys pure optimism and the new style, geographical freedom to live in–thanks to the Internet age! The magazine should brought the beauty and positive of life once again in the Center.

The magazine introduces interesting people have managed to love themselves and their lives. Good examples, very interesting contributions and the reader should learn media topics after again to come closer to the own happiness. This can be in terms of content to the theme of travel, but also the possibilities of the World Wide Web be just all that which will lead to the geographical freedom and own satisfaction. FreeDays wishing that people can dream again! From a perspective of other, interesting and thanks to valuable articles readers have a promising bright spot in the future! More information under: FreeDays owner: Julia Brotz Copenhagen Street 8 65552 Limburg fon: fax (+ 49) 06431-4036020: (+ 49) 06431-4036021