Neva River

In order not to closed a magnificent view of Neva embankment, the project author, engineer A. Pshenitsky, made a low bridge, like a creeping over the water. Adjustable bridge span width of 55 meters was placed in the middle of the river bed. The design of her made in the form of two steel wings, which open up. The length of spans increases from the coast to the middle of the river, and the contours of the bridge are outlined by a smooth curved lines. That is why the bridge is a very solid rhythmic architectural composition. The appearance of the bridge is strict and stately. Huge openings and solid granite pillars might go perfectly with the laid-back expanse of the Neva River and the surrounding architecture ensembles.

Because of World War I delayed construction of the bridge. It was built only in 1917. It is also very interesting engineering solution for a moveable span of modern odnokrylogo Foundry Bridge. This bridge is very large size, the length of its wing is 55 meters, width – 34 meters, its weight – 3225 tons. This is a unique world record. With all of this is a monumental part of the monkey takes an almost vertical position, and full recovery takes only two minutes. Metal Bridge Builders built in 1960.

The bridge connected the island with Vasilevsky Petrograd side and successfully entered into the ensemble arrows Vasilevsky Island. This bridge, like the Palace is pyatiproletnym metal bridge. Its size also flown smoothly increases from the coast to the middle of the river, and the average span is also adjustable. However, its design is such that in the undiluted form of a bridge similar to the arch and therefore not disturbed the rhythm of the assembly lines. Today, engineering has been actively developing the idea of use of the old bridge builders. Widely used modern steel from steel, aluminum and pre-stressed concrete, apply advanced methods of installation of prefabricated enlarged. This allows engineers to implement modern boldest architectural solutions in the construction bridges.