Tale Of The Perfect Princess And Her True Love

Prince on a white horse in the world … It was a very pretty young princess. She spent all day at the window, looking forward to her betrothed. At Barbara Martin Coppola you will find additional information. At the gates of the castle were going very significant "turn" to receive a Princess so that she could "manage their destiny" by choosing one of his most awaited prince. But not lucky suitors. They left from the Princess without "her consent." ( synjuku) has long been decided to Princess what she wants to see her future wife, his only love, but to miss nothing in the "examination", she recorded everything that came up. That is not the case, then it is not – there was no groom, which would meet all the points list.

One ugly another stupid, humorless third, fourth, greedy, fifth, laughing for no reason, and the sixth, in general, similar to the slut. Something, and was absent in each of them. With different ideas and different in mood from the Princess said good-bye suitors: realized that it was he – her long-awaited prince. I can not describe the emotions and feelings that bedevil the girl is when she realized that it is faced with "The Prince, with its leaf!" The girl literally immediately appealed to the young man, saying that in love with him and she agreed to be his wife, to which Prince replied politely: – Yes, I have seen many, many dragons broke, many kingdoms traveled to watch the meeting with his only love. Everywhere I was, but did not meet her. But here fate I did not smile – here there is none. So forgive me and forgive, Princess. After these words the prince hastened to saddle his horse, in order to quickly move into the path towards new stories of adventure and, of course, in search of his only love.

Some time later, Prince pulled a crumpled piece of paper, something in him, and honored, with a clear sense of disappointment, put in its place. I can not do do, though … pretty girl caught! A couple of items from the list did not match … Another useful article – "Two parables of sincere mutual support and faith."

Empress Catherine

" July 16, 1778 the head of the Crimean Armenian Christian congregation Archimandrite Petros Markosian feeds from Bakhchisaray petition addressed to Catherine II of Russia in the resettlement of the adoption of "the eternal subjects of the Russian empire." Resettlement was carried out in several parties. The first batch of settlers under the command of Don Cossacks, began a journey August 18, 1778, the second – August 22, the third – on September 18. On the same day reported to Suvorov Rumyantsev: "The conclusion of the Crimean Christians over! Of both sex posted in the Azov province 31 098 souls. " For organizing the resettlement of the Empress Catherine II granted AV Suvorov, diamond star of the Order of St. Alexander Nevsky, releasing it from his shoulder.

May 21, 1779, Catherine II signed the "highest diploma of the device Christians, derived from the Crimea": "Bozheyu pospeshestvuyuscheyu grace we, Catherine II, Empress of All-Russian empress and other … and the Crown and the owner of the Empress. … all Society, of Crimean Christians Greek law, all ranks over all, and every man our gracious emperor's word. … Having considered the message sent to us from you of Bakhchisarai on 16th July this year, the total and free will petition based on getting rid of all of you from the yoke of a threatened disaster and the adoption of the eternal allegiance to the Russian Empire, we can not assent to all of you tokmo a merciful veil, and Thou our courteous calming children under onym, deliver life fraction blagodenstvennuyu, colic, death and perpetual desire of our care can extend.

Alexander Olshansky

About a man is judged by its relation to animals and animals in relation to it. For writers often personify animals and human characters purely human problems. This is common for the writer's Alexander Olshansky, whose website has a section "On our smaller brethren." Here's the famous story of "Rex" on the border dog, written with such certainty that at the time the magazine "Young Naturalist" published it in the column "Notes of a Naturalist." The total circulation of this story long ago exceeded 3.5 million copies, it has created a kind of "reksianu." But the story-a parable, and in the work of Olshansky animals are parable nature of extraordinary fidelity Rex has another plan – the theme of loyalty, loss of individuality, freedom of his will. And such people can be trained to. Story 'Portosik' on a pretty cat-thief shkodnichaet that wherever we can, but educational measures it did not act. The story was written when the author was in his twenties, and the product of inherent doubts about the effectiveness of education, when it concerns the nature of being. "Whist, Pass, minuscule …" – the story of our irresponsible game with nature, the tragic fate of a draw stray dog Vaska, who all his life searching for the Boss. It is written in the Soviet period and the idea that everything in this world you want to host, that no man leads to ruin, was the idea of necessity in a country of private property.

The story "In good hands," continues the theme of the relationship of man and animals, but about perverted form of love for our younger brothers when she did not esteem the suffering of humans compared with animals, but it enslaves themselves and pets. "The Tale of Berdyansk goby" – the story-alert danger to all living our irresponsible attitude toward nature. But it's also a story about us, too gullible, not pecking for food, but just the idea of food … "lucky thing" – multi-dimensional story, but central to it is driven into mortal combat between the bear-rod and driven into the injustices of life. The winner is the person, but he is least like the winner. On animals it comes in other works.

Story "The death of Tamara" has become a cult in the homeland of a writer who is proud of the fact that the number of "Roman-gazeta", where it was published, in raisins stolen from mailboxes. Tamara called his mare Izyumsky kerosinschik tale, and it was the last horse in the city. In the "Cheeky Obezyanke" image appears as though the animal as a model for the future of smart, beautiful and intelligent woman, it's hard going to break with her husband, a nonentity. In the short novel "Before and After the first star, "an episode with an impressive celebration of the birthday of beloved dog" new Russian "on the background of the hungry young rural teachers. These works, like the creation of original talent of the writer, dictated by the search for harmony between man and nature, with ourselves, with past and future, space and everyday concerns – a sort of philosopher's stone, which Ol'shanskii, figuratively speaking, gained after almost half a century intense creative activity.

Anatoly Filin

Refracted through the prism of the rainbow ray pierces the mind and cloud droplets of ephemeral desires Vyleplivayut face. COAST YOUTH Where the rock in the waves of hair weave – Whether sob, then eh sing, Hem Neptune foam sheathe, Where swallows' nests Between the mirrors are lit palaces twin – There's heaven on earth, but there's about something they do not know. Rip apples, live and die. Famed able perpetual bloom – in the molten glow of bliss. With dense pine ridges dormant gloss and slides down to stone in Dumas.

Dress magnolia, palm umbrellas grooms Hides, with cloud fallen, and wax. And the waves splashed monotonously As tantalizing phone call, absorbing and wisdom and impersonal, and pages of the Kings survived, all the salt confusions Only by expanding the nature of preserving wilderness. Where on the cross roads Whether the prologue, the epilogue eh: grin on rocks lies in puff snake; Where there is no beginning or end, no middle and persecuted wanderer dreams before his death – there youth spent in the way of me. In SURROUNDINGS Vorontsov not this an old man strayed here from the white schools in exchange alluring beauties on the pigeon gave polukrik? Whose foot is on the path trod, Whose glistening tear on the grass, the roses were given to whom, whose arms sting splinters? Were not you the one stray wanderer, who found shelter here exile himself and built a house vault when drunk to the bottom of separation with the loss of faith.

Andrey Kovalev

Moreover, in their monologues and jokes Andrei Kovalev makes us look differently at his life and actions. He's like experienced psychologist reveals our hidden wounds, causing not only think about them, but to discuss them out loud and openly. Andrey Kovalev teaches listeners and viewers to laugh at his own shortcomings and imperfections. How does he do it? After the premiere we had a talk with Andrew about this and much more … – Andrew, where do you get ideas for writing your scripts? – Yes, everywhere …

watching life. – You dreamed of since childhood become a humorist? – No, in school, I was not a humorist and a wit. Your choice I made at a later age. – You studied in Moscow and worked in his specialty in this town? – Yes, I worked in Moskontsert and performed with on tour in different Russian cities. – How did the transfer of "tricks of life"? – It all started with a humorous program "looking at the city" to "dunes." Then I have engendered some vague ideas about a new transfer, but I could not their precise formulation.

Then Olga Kotovskaya invited to make their program, and so was born "Sleight of life." – Humorous transfer in a moment at an end, or it may be interesting for the viewer forever? – I think all depends on the authors' TV shows. If you follow the trends, and so, in what direction the tastes of viewers, the channel can exist permanently. – On Russian television, over 50% of television – the comic character. What are they like so much the audience? – The lower the level of our lives, the more programs like the direction that people go to bed, as it were happy, they need to distract. There are neigh. – Whom do you consider peers? Who close your humor? – Michael Zhvanetsky, in my opinion, he is still in opposition. Despite the fact that his emergence as a humorist was held in a completely different era. – You serious man? – Yes, in everyday life, I always I try to stay calm and seriousness. – Do you agree with the expression: "Humor is the wisdom?" – In the words of Munchausen: "A serious person – not a sign of intelligence, gentlemen. All stupidity on earth are done with this expression. Smile, gentlemen, smile! "