Puertatierra Mount

Fair of Crafts in Cadiz Until next the 5 of January will be able to visit VIII the Professional Fair of Crafts of Cadiz, in the Place of San Antonio. With the celebration of this fair, the City council of Cadiz persecutes two main targets: the invigoration of the important artisan sector of the city, although also will be present in this sample craftsmen of other cities and the increase of the direct sales of the own producers. From the hotel Puertatierra Mount, one of the hotels in Cadiz nearer downtown, can indicate to them how to arrive to the Place of San Antonio, or through a stroll, in their vehicle or through public transport in the own door of the hotel. The Crafts of Cadiz constitute a fundamental part of the cultural patrimony of the city. The gaditanos craftsmen have known to maintain and to cultivate that own identity that distinguishes its work. The Crafts suppose an economic activity with own specific weight as far as its capacity to generate use and wealth. The gaditana is characterized by its stylistic purity and its great diversity. A diversity that is observed so much in the modalities craftswomen, like in the techniques, where the innovation is complemented with the tradition, forming a genuine product and of great quality.