Neva River

In order not to closed a magnificent view of Neva embankment, the project author, engineer A. Pshenitsky, made a low bridge, like a creeping over the water. Adjustable bridge span width of 55 meters was placed in the middle of the river bed. The design of her made in the form of two steel wings, which open up. The length of spans increases from the coast to the middle of the river, and the contours of the bridge are outlined by a smooth curved lines. That is why the bridge is a very solid rhythmic architectural composition. The appearance of the bridge is strict and stately. Huge openings and solid granite pillars might go perfectly with the laid-back expanse of the Neva River and the surrounding architecture ensembles.

Because of World War I delayed construction of the bridge. It was built only in 1917. It is also very interesting engineering solution for a moveable span of modern odnokrylogo Foundry Bridge. This bridge is very large size, the length of its wing is 55 meters, width – 34 meters, its weight – 3225 tons. This is a unique world record. With all of this is a monumental part of the monkey takes an almost vertical position, and full recovery takes only two minutes. Metal Bridge Builders built in 1960.

The bridge connected the island with Vasilevsky Petrograd side and successfully entered into the ensemble arrows Vasilevsky Island. This bridge, like the Palace is pyatiproletnym metal bridge. Its size also flown smoothly increases from the coast to the middle of the river, and the average span is also adjustable. However, its design is such that in the undiluted form of a bridge similar to the arch and therefore not disturbed the rhythm of the assembly lines. Today, engineering has been actively developing the idea of use of the old bridge builders. Widely used modern steel from steel, aluminum and pre-stressed concrete, apply advanced methods of installation of prefabricated enlarged. This allows engineers to implement modern boldest architectural solutions in the construction bridges.

Complex Carbohydrates

In part one of this article, we established that to avoid the diets it is of the best things than you can make to favor your health if you wish to burn fat. In this second part, we will show how to initiate the transition to change your style of life towards the development of a strong, thin and healthful body. From the nutritional vision, a balance between carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the diet to stimulate to your metabolism is necessary and that burns fat constantly. Long term the diets fashionable lose their attractive cattle at the beginning and that returns them irresistible. Nevertheless, in the long term he is better to return to the basic things that your body wishes. The Complex Carbohydrates (grain, whole breads, cereals, etc.) are vital to maintain your energy throughout the day. They make other things within your body, between which he is hacerte to feel full.

dento of carbohydrates of this type is the fruits, by their high fiber content. They are absorbed slowly from the sanguineous circulation, which aid to maintain controlled your insulin level. This last one is important because it helps to that there is a smaller fat storage and to that is a high probability that your stored fat is burned. The Simple Carbohydrates, or white sugars (sweet, refreshments, breads process, etc.) must be avoided and stay most of the time in a minimum. They have little nutritious value and they are full of empty calories. They add calories to your body and only they end up storing itself like fat.

This way you can olvidarte burn fat. By all means, much people are conscious of the relation between the sugar in blood and the insulin with eating too many simple carbohydrates. Our insulin regulates the sugar level in blood and causes that any excess of her is stored like fat.

Republic One

For that reason the exhibition draws attention and the tribute to Don Fili, presents/displays here. He is not habitual that takes place that memory. Indeed Torrent returned to throw its quarter to swords, all more than they make the authorities of turn is to put your name to a place or another urban enclave. But the successive generations only know, in the end, that Filiberto Villalobos is the street of the bus-station, and the one of Tovar Director, the one that makes corner with the delegation of Property. The conversation had settled in a territory of cynicism and bittersweet melancholy when Unamuno, watching with compassionate and nostalgic eyes to the buildings that they surrounded to us, espet: However, the Place, our Place, has resisted to that fashion appellant to re-baptize the places with the turn protagonists, according to the political ups and downs of the moment. Is that it is something too beautiful so that nobody can take control it exclusively. For that reason it will be always the Place Major, to droughts emphasized Villalobos. Not only is a place added Torrent, as in a competition to see who said last and most ingenious, but is a piece of the history of Spain. Unamuno, whose teaching and whose moral authority nobody seemed to put at issue in that one group, explay a little more in obvious honor of just arrived, that is to say, I: In this Place we have lived the convulsions on our century: the manifestations in favor of and of others, the pain the victims of the political repression, the proclamation of the Republic, the restoration of the caudillaje of Franc when the military revolt, Everything. It is not that this Place is a piece of the history of Spain, and that pardons my friend to me Torrent, but is the same history of contemporary Spain reduced to our provincial microcosm.

Iron Curtain Students

Perhaps the key to? The fact that many who studied with me there were not that much loved subject, or would like to associate with them a career, but because it was important to higher education, any, above, not below the highest. Truly hurts the fact that a person who has studied history for five years and became a certified specialist, historian, when the word "history" is horrified. But perhaps the key in the bowels of the system of teaching? The fact that training was limited to "infusion" of knowledge, static in their eligibility criteria in a changing situation, but not dressed in the new, allowing to use the accumulated baggage for adaptation, shell, and an old linen bag, sewn in 70 years period of Russian history. With this bag is not something that people get embarrassed, but very unpleasant. Hence, perhaps, horrific effects of cutting ears "proud" of the name "historian." Needs of society change, the profession becomes more or less demand, and the system is transformed slowly.

But the unwavering and my belief that the flywheel of change started: teaching stuff confidently slowly filled up with new lecturers, receding into the past and neuro-hysterical grasping what historians got to fill the void, which left descended from the stage Change and the walls, floor, desks, equipment, and even chandeliers. K better, more modern and aesthetically pleasing. Change students. Which way – see above. The Iron Curtain plus versus immobile "starogvardeytsy" Yes, I was certainly …

But the fear and trembling of teachers remain. Communication between those who teach and those who study extremely difficult. All living things in the university has always been associated for me with a kind of tripartite hierarchy: somewhere above the terrible iron administration and its applications. Below – more accessible teachers. More below – behind the iron fence – the students. Particularly high fence to communicate with lecturers, "starogvardeytsami." There are many. Forever imprinted student chronicles of my generation image of the country an elderly lady, broadcasts of all the lectures are not about the subject, but about his relatives and personal problems, sometimes several times, almost word for word. That's really who is not intrinsic to mobility. But the movement itself, the circulation in the science of rotating members frozen in my memory hierarchies through the blood patterns of scientific space … almost non-existent. No full mobility no students or teachers. Rarely goes somewhere. If you ride, one and all the time, but not all though least once. And in the very "province" my every day drop in visitors. Rarely zabegut foreigners, rather, out of curiosity and respect for our education, and well, of course, because they somehow do their duty mobility. Very rarely visit compatriots. Yeah, neither we – to them, nor they are – to us. Plus versus All vyshenapisannoe is the most concrete picture. Not all and not all fit into the niches described. And this is not criticism in the full word. It is easy and completely air-reproach censure with a full gust of hope for progress. It is not spreading in epithets, but an indication of the problems and their solutions is a pledge to move forward. A progress – is essential.

Human Sciences

Yoga has its origins in human experience. His techniques for a life consciously spiritual, happy and healthy, has been developed over thousands of years and many generations. The Human Sciences of yoga have been, he says, systematized and used in forms evolved from 40,000 years ago, long before the advent of recorded history. Yoga was openly taught and integrated into the daily. There was no secret, no private mantras; There were only wise men recognized for his humility, fairness and effectiveness. These men refused to be elevated above the masses. Many of these Yogis were hailed by being able to extend their perceptual and psychological abilities beyond normal limits. Part of living a long life and suffer from few diseases, they practiced a natural ability to heal and accept the parapsychic phenomena as normal.

They understood diseases of man and health in terms of the basic energy of life and saw the man as an organized unit of energy, and may feel, receive and transmute the whole spectrum of energies that interact and remain in the cosmos. When they looked at a person’s body, they saw that it was like an envelope of energy or aura that reflected the higher power bodies of man. From this perspective of knowledge, direct observation product, they designed more techniques of meditation and healing. Its activity was not a mystical activity, his work was based on tangible observations of energy. Today the majority of people does not understand direct observation of energy in everything that exists, because it has taught us to disqualify its existence at an early age. This is a great pity, since and may resort to a resource available for any human being, we live in States of unconsciousness, of fear, excitement and violence totally unsuitable for the balanced development of being, the expansion of consciousness and the continuity of life on the planet. In those times of great knowledge, only three forms of yoga are practiced: Kundalini Yoga, Laya Yoga and Tantra Yoga. These three forms were practiced together.

All were taught openly; entire peoples practiced together. Kundalini Yoga consisted of exercises and meditations to heal and expands the capability of being. I could practice on an individual. Laya Yoga, was the technique to alter consciousness, total health by the use of sound and rhythm. It could be practiced individually, but it had its greatest impact when it was practiced by a large and coordinated group. Some meditations could only be made in group. Tantra Yoga was always practiced in pairs of man and woman. Tantra yoga wiped the subconscious of all phobias and psychological problems. Was practiced only under the guidance of a person called Mahan Tantrico. There was only one such person in the world, in its given time. That was the most esoteric and difficult techniques. All types of yoga are They focused to regulate and stimulate the energy in man, which was the essence of the required awareness so that the nervous system evolve and work to their full capacity. That energy was called Kundalini.

The Problem with Noises

The beep in your ears is a very characteristic symptom that can occur in one ear, in both or appear to come from the center of the head, this beep is known as tinnitus or tinnitus and discomfort that causes can be described as a ringing, buzzing or whistling perceived flashing or permanently and many times its volume depends on ambient noise. I.e. it is acute in quiet conditions especially before going to sleep, why which often makes it cost us to fall asleep. There are a wide variety of diseases or conditions that could trigger the beep in your ears. Between diseases or pathologies are very common infections in the ear wax plugs, fluctuations in blood pressure, anemia, hypothyroidism, and until tumors of the auditory nerve, although the latter occurs much less frequently. Also the use of anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin or quinine saved as adverse effect can cause tinnitus.

In some cases you can also depend on conditions environmental, and among these, the most common is when a person is exposed for long time to noise or high tone sounds that can cause damage in the cells of the cochlea, which are sensitive to sound and are located in the inner ear in a snail-shaped structure. Simple exposure to a sudden noise extremely high can cause tinnitus. There are also more common factors that relate these ringing in the ears as they are stress, smoking, alcohol, caffeine, anxiety and everything that leads to a life of concerns and high degree of nervousness. Tinnitus caused by these last factors is often the easiest to eliminate, once the decision to abandon any of these unhealthy habits has taken. There is a method of little known but very effective is guaranteed to make that tinnitus will disappear forever.

Travel Quiet With Viajeasegurado

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