Apparently seen, almost better staying quiescent and not be on a diet again, right? , because the risk of end up weighing more than at the beginning is real as life itself. None of that will happen if you learn how to lose weight eating without being on a diet. THAT is researched today this step look left reduccionistaha to a broader vision of reality, being the change of eating habits and patterns of physical activity essential factors for losing weight without dieting and then maintaining a healthy weight. More to be manifested in time these new habits and lifestyle, it is necessary to pay attention to a whole set of psychosocial variables that influence them. Although very little taken into account so far, psychological and family variables play an important role in the production and maintenance of the excess weight, and are usually not handled. These psychological factors, precipitate and perpetuate the excessive intake of nutrients (overfeeding for what are personal calorie needs) and must be taken into account if we are to maintain a healthy weight, after having reached the desirable.

The approach and treatment of the psychological variables is of fundamental importance, because if not the patient is not able to engage properly with treatment and generally have greater difficulty to lose weight or maintain it. Learn how to lose weight eating without diet involves taking into account all explained. How to manage the treatment of excess weight without being on a diet this set of emotional aspects and comportamientosque are linked with overfeeding usually occur in more or less complex combinations and are different for each person. So great is the number of components that influence in a person, and in particular that a specific human being suffer from obesity, which can well be that there are so many cases of gorduracomo obese. I.e., that explanation, and a case of sobrepesonunca approach is exactly equal to the explanation and boarding another.

This is appreciated the need for a multidiscipliar job to lose weight eating without being on a diet and thus meet each one of the elements that affect this problem. Some alterations are specific and can be found relatively frequently in obese individuals, but without being specific disease. But there are also others that may be present and make difficult treatment for those trying to reduce weight maintain a healthy weight. Final conclusion: When it comes to consider weight loss eating without being on a diet and as a search for an answer to the constant enigma posed by the extra kilos, since its etiological factors until his approach and treatment, is that the existence of a personality favouring this problem has been investigated. Today you cannot define a specific psychopathological condition linked to obesity. There are obese with no psychopathy, but there is a disorder of the obese. Recommended resource: eating participate Online in program NutriSpa slimming slimming and you take in hand to learn how to lose weight eating without being on a diet. Immediate free access on original author and source of the article

Balanced Breakfast

Very often, trying to lose weight, people follow the wrong path. Refuse to eat, pace yourself with heavy loads of sports. The result – a short-term weight loss, haggard, entered into a heavy stress organism. Plus constantly depressed mood because, firstly, in this mode is always impossible to live, and secondly – as soon as he ceases to live in such a regime – thrown through the painful efforts of the weight is very quickly returns, and yes even more than before the 'experiment'. It is a vicious circle, to break which can be very difficult.

However, something that at first glance, it is very difficult, it may be actually very simple. This approval, as it is surprising as it sounds, very important for the issue of losing weight. Modern man, in spite of a great variety of food temptations, it's easier than all the combined lived up to his ancestors, to part with overweight forever! But why? – You ask. Because so far been studied in detail, why a person gains weight: scientists realized, 'Who is to blame', and definitely know – 'what to do'! Anyone who wants to result in a rate of your weight should be aware of: to lose weight – you need to eat! Hunger is incompatible with a slender figure. Only need to know – what you should eat and how to distribute food rations for the day. Strategically important meal for anyone, but especially for those who decided to take his weight under control, is breakfast.

Hunger Case

Case 1: You must finish a job in the morning and then stay awake .. . Drinking coffee to complete your project during the morning do not cause problems if you are tolerant to caffeine. And if your stomach is resisted. But if that’s not the case, could leave you with nerves in the morning. A better option: a vegetable salad, apples and a few chopped walnuts. The complex carbohydrates in vegetables give you energy, walnuts provide omega-3, that are helping your brain during sleep you achieve upon completion of your project. Case 2: the dreaded insomnia If only these tossing in bed, carbohydrates with starch could help you fall asleep. Foods that quickly raise blood sugar levels also raise blood levels of the amino acid tryptophan, which the brain becomes the soothing serotonin. Therefore, try to cook in a small microwave potato, or some leftover brown rice or a small portion of toasted bread. an innovative health insurance service company has cost-effective health plan solutions Then wait until the dream comes. Case 3: Hunger, but still feared … If such a diet, or just hungry, gives your digestive system for some proteins to keep you happy: a little lean turkey meat, a grain rich in protein like an extra-fluffy rice, or egg white. Really as if you get about a third of your daily calories from lean protein that can help you burn a few extra calories while you sleep. Other helpful suggestions: Dinner less than two hours before going to bed that does not cause weight gain, but if it means that this meal should be the smallest of the day. If your nights are filled with activities that drive your dinner at a late hour and inconvenient, put into practice these strategies: That your lunch is the main meal of the day. And for your dinner just a small sandwich of whole grain bread, fruit or a salad, a small dish of vegetables, or even a bowl of cereal and fruit late at night.

Cyril Smith Selfordskogo University

Therapeutic effect on the human body magnetic fields can be: general – on the entire body, local (local) – to the affected area tissue, organ reflex – in the zone and biologically active acupuncture points associated with the whole organism; indirectly – for example, through the intake of magnetized water also had healing svoystvami. purpose of use of magnetic fields in medicine – a struggle with the pain. What is achieved through a healing effect? According to the famous German specialist Volfanga Dr. Ludwig from the Institute of Biophysics in Tauberbischofsheim, therapy by magnetic fields stimulates not material structure, and much more – "biofield>> rights. Stimulation occurs through biological resonance effect.

The fact that the body "understands the>> only those signals that are within range of the physiological response of wave – the so-called ADEY-box>> or the "biological window>>. It is important to correctly select suitable to a specific person, artificial fluctuations in the emf. The main result is the relaxation of muscles, which improves blood circulation and lymph flow in microvessels. As a result of accelerated elimination interstitial fluid (especially lactic acid) and toxic substances. At the same time more oxygen and nutrients to the cells of damaged tissues. Therefore, eases pain and speeds up the process recovery. Renowned scholar Cyril Smith Selfordskogo University (UK) conducted an experiment, which took a total of 10 years, with 150 volunteers. Its result was the conclusion that homeopathy and electromagnetic signals are equivalent in their effect. Another physicist Heim has developed a theoretical basis for this phenomenon.

Thai Muscles

Flexibility does not depend on age, people who care about their bodies, remain flexible to a ripe old age. Master of Thai massage should monitor the situation of his body in order to avoid damage to your own muscles. Its weight should be evenly distributed. At the stretching and pressure massage therapist should not Use only the arm muscles, you need to use the weight of the body. When the Thai massage massage therapist should be, as the patient is comfortable enough, so discomfort prevent masseur concentration and disturb the harmony of movement that is so necessary for Thai massage. Europeans generally believe the only effective way to stay flexible and healthy – yoga. But Thai massage – it is more simple way to achieve the same if not greater effect. At the same time on your part does not require almost no effort.

After mastering a rich set of techniques of Thai massage sequence, and their performance can be keep your body in optimal condition. Some techniques of Thai massage can be used as treatments. Consequence of aging is the loss of body flexibility and mobility. The Thai system is capable of permanently preserve youthfulness of the body. The Thai system of healing maintains the elasticity of the muscles, encouraging their harmonious functioning, allows the muscles to maintain proper distribution of energy in the body.

Human muscles change their length depending on whether the working or relaxed they are. When the voltage muscle becomes shorter. If excessive force the muscle or, for whatever reason restrict its movement, then it will lose its elasticity.