Depression Disease

Bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and bloating everyone knows these unpleasant side effects of fixed days Kaiserslautern-02.01.2010 – Jutta Schutz, books written by some low-carb, shows an effective way without pills (at least with a few drugs) the diseases of civilization to escape or to emerge from the case of the disease. As self interested party (diabetes type two) she made very positive experience in 2007 with the low carb food form. The author informs Parkinson in her books about many civilization diseases such as about ADHD or Crohn’s disease. Approximately 300,000 Parkinson’s patients live in Germany with this disease and approximately 20,000 diagnosed new cases are added per year. The hyperkinetic syndrome”is to curb may also by a changeover to low-carb. Cause the same neurotransmitters are being discussed could play a key role also in migraine. Some symptoms of intolerance such as anxiety, epilepsy, Depression, hyperactivity and schizophrenic phases have to do with the function of the brain.

Some nutritionists found that the symptoms of schizophrenia to subside a little if the patients receive a diet without grains and milk. People with celiac disease, that have an increased intestinal permeability and tolerate no wheat gluten, with a certain probability can also suffer from schizophrenia. On a population group showed in the Pacific Studies, that schizophrenia only prevailed in these groups when they consumed wheat, barley beer and rice (Dohan 1984). And from the source: autismndi (resources and shownews 20040728 225924) contactor reports: researchers in England, Norway and at the University of Florida have found peptide (degradation products of proteins) with opiate effect in the urine of a large percentage of autistic children. Opiates are drugs that affect the brain activity. Could it be that errors in the development of the brain are caused by poor nutrition? Many parents report that her autistic child eats only milk and wheat! Opiates make highly dependent on. If the opioid excess theory on such a child, then it is dependent on actual food.

We eat too many carbohydrates? This is the title of the book the author Jutta Schutz. “She has many old and new scientific studies on low-carb diets” quickly in this book “taken together (available from, BOD-Verlag or order cash in every book store ISBN No.: 9-783-83912-703-2). Compared with the otherwise very dry and stiff counselors the author leads easily and loosely the reader into their books in the low-carb world. And the low-carb diet has nothing to do with food additives or companies to do, it is a diet of just reducing carbohydrates.

Water Fasting

Water fasting is the practice of abstention from all food for a period of time. It is usually used by those who want to lose weight, gain benefits of health, or both. Fasting has been used for centuries as a way to cleanse the body and promote healing, and continues to be recognized by having many significant positive effects on the body. For people with good health, usually be considered a safe and natural method to improve general well-being. One of the benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach and not eating solid foods, is weight loss. To remove all food from the diet, the body is forced to resort to their fat reserves for energy, this use of fat as fuel of the body is known as ketosis, therefore, is an effective method to burn fat. During water fasting, the body is allowed to rest and rejuvenate, therefore the exercise in fasting is debatable, because it can occur dizziness and imbalance of power but on the other hand, you can increase the weight loss with the help of the exercises. The energy that is normally used for digestion is redirected towards healing.

As the fat reserves are decomposed, many impurities and toxins accumulated in tissues are released by cleaning the body; in this process, the body can improve many ailments. Due to its curative effects, water fasting is considered a useful treatment for a variety of topics, positive outcomes for example for people who suffer from arthritis have demonstrated. People with epilepsy can reduce episodes of crisis through fasting, both disease of diabetes and cardiovascular disease usually also respond in a positive manner. Those interested in testing the fasting of water must have a gradual approach to get used to the process and understand how to react in the body. A method consists of starting to eat one meal a day for a period of time, and then you can live a full day of fasting. Once accustomed to this, the poor can be passed to periods of time longer, some people opt for fasting for several days, while others may do so for several weeks. While a water fast is made, they should be around seven to ten glasses of water a day. It should get plenty of rest and refrain from exercising on an empty stomach. One of the options is to use laxatives or other method to eliminate toxins before beginning the process. Fasting should end gradually, starting with the intake of fruit juices and soups and then slowly moves to small portions of solid foods that are easy to digest.

Widespread Disease Acne

Mango teen fruit can help against acne. LEONDING. The need for effective acne remedies is increasing continuously. Recent studies show that more than one in ten suffers from Acne or a similar skin image disorder. In addition to the well-known youth acne, especially the acne in adulthood is still strong in the rise. Inflamed acne pustules clutter up the human skin from the face of the neck up to the entire back. The medicine helps mostly only unsatisfactory, since various antibiotics of wide fire, causing liver Isotretinoinkapseln with sulfur-containing vast or simply anoint symptom control is operated. The account follow of these treatment methods include abdominal pain and dry areas of the skin due to the constant Antibiotikaeinnahme, as well as applying the aggressive Hautoberflachenmittel.

As soon as it settles the diverse skin grease and antibiotics, the painful and unsightly acne pimples come back again”, explains Gerhard Haugeneder, the Geschaftsfruher of the elite fitness & health club in Leonding, Austria. The Treatment of acne should be but inwardly at the root of the problem, by skin inflammation is counteracted in advance already proactively”, complemented Hakeem, which now has many successful experiences in the alternative treatment of acne and similar skin image disorder. I recommend my clients with acne so”the novel dietary supplement Vemma (, which through its innovative combination of well-known active ingredients naturally anti-inflammatory effect and therefore optimally contributes effectively to treat various skin image disorder, complemented Hakeem, which achieved very positive results in many cases with Vemma. Vemma is not a new panacea, but therefore so unique, because it has the highest concentration of fruit mango teen in contrast to all previous products on the market and it is known that inflammation be tackled proactively.

Cd Player

Do you’ve previously heard the term acoustic technology? You’ve heard this other acoustic audio? Perhaps you’ve never heard them. Do you want to know why? Because this is the most powerful and modern technology to produce altered States of consciousness. It is so radical that outperforms the others, including the binaural, the subliminal and hypnotic. It is so effective for many reasons. One of them is that does not require any special equipment to induce altered States of consciousness. This means that previously took years of practice to achieve a deep level of meditation, now can reach it in just 8 minutes. Amazing? Incredible? So said people from reaching the moon.

This powerful technology also helps return to normal States of consciousness. For example you can increase your energy, cure insomnia, sleep with awareness, etc. This technology is so new and effective that few people have heard it, but the few who have tried it have achieved amazing results. What is it that makes this technology so special? Several things. One of them is the speed with which acts. You can achieve a specific State of consciousness in just 8 minutes of use. Another advantage is that this technology almost always works the first time. And if it does it the first time achieved it in less than ten days.

Which system gives you always operate with any person and in just 8 minutes? Another advantage of this technology is that it doesn’t require any specific equipment to work. You can use it in your computer, your mp3 player, your DVD or Cd Player, etc. If you are a person, for example, who has been willing to check that of astral travel, perhaps he was surprised when he read a book and they told him it would take months or years to achieve having an experience of these. That was perhaps discouraged it. But this acoustic technology will make you experience your first trip Astral in 8 minutes or less. Perhaps you are within two hours of having scientific verification of the existence of other planes of consciousness. You may be an atheist, perhaps may be religious, is spiritualist. No matter, the facts speak for themselves and this technology will take you to discover other parts of your being that you didn’t know but they are there, waiting for you. If you know more of this technology and what you can do for you, visit: there you can read some testimonials from users who have experimented with this technology and have obtained amazing results.


The third week we will always smoke two or three daily cigarettes avoiding the one of in the morning and the one of at night. The fourth week or we will be preparations to stop smoking, or smoking 1 cigarette at the most to us. Advice who will help to stop you smoking these 4 or 5 weeks: He is advisable to avoid during these four or five weeks, to join with people smokers to us, to enter bars in which is allowed to smoke, and he is inevitable to cross somebody smoking, to remove a caramel immediately to us and to eat it to us. One of the first causes to fall and to return to smoke, is because we see people smoking, and that attracts to us turning out inevitable to ignite a cigarette. Often the anxiety, is the factor that makes that we need a cigarette, to calm this symptom, is necessary to be most relaxed possible, to avoid tension in the work, marries etc., to avoid estresantes discussions and other situations that we created that they ended up making us go to by tobacco. Cmprate a cigarette case and during these four or five weeks, removes only the cigarettes that you are going to smoke, tries not to take pocket money to avoid to have to buy, llvate the house food and mantn your occupied mind and your caramels in the pocket. It is necessary that you know that the more difficult is to obtain a cigarette to you, the less probability even has of which you smoke it to you or of which desires to you.

Habitual symptoms when we stopped smoking: It is necessary to know that group of symptoms we can experiment during the first days without tobacco: Fatigue. Restlessness. Irritab ilidad. Fatigue. Digestive upheavals. Anxiety. Stress. Insomnia n n These must to that the body is decontaminating and undergoing a new change, all of them disappear when happening weeks without smoking.

In the second article we will speak of the natural therapies to stop smoking like: The hypnosis. Acupuncture. Yoga.