The executioner Samson, he is the coach, but Luis dropped only when he finished his prayer. When it came to where was the guilotina knelt beside the priest and received his last blessing. Samson aides tried, then, tie their hands, but the king indignantly rejected them saying it would not allow it ever. The executioners were ready to use force, but the Abbe Edgeworth advised Louis: "Make the sacrifice, sir. This new outrage is a new line of similarity between his majesty and God." Indeed, the executioners tied his hands behind his back with a handkerchief and also cut her hair. Supported by the abbe rises to the guillotine and at the last minute Luis deviates and walks to the edge of the platform towards Tuilleries, silencing the drums with their cries. "French, I'm innocent, I forgive the authors of my death, I pray to God that my blood shed will not fall ever on France! And you, unfortunate people … Beaufranchet At that time, the assistant general Santerre , he rushed to the horse on the drummers and gives the order to play.

The King tries to silence them, thumping his foot on the platform, but nobody hears him. The four executioners, by force, they knocked him down on the plate the guillotine. The king refuses, scream. The blade down with extraordinary speed and cut his head spotting of blood to the abbot. Samson takes his head by the hair and the sample to the people! The federation, the fans, angry radical up on stage and wet their swords, handkerchiefs, knives and hands with the blood of the king! "scream" viva la nation! "," long live the Republic! "but almost no one responds.

The true people silent, pale, is stunned. A famous legend in France says the Abbe gave farewell to the king cried: "Son of Saint Louis, ascend to heaven!" The people slowly dispersed. With amazement. With uncertainty. With a feeling as contradictory as the same doubt. The feeling is of unease, uncertainty, unrest in the soul … It was for less: Revolution hastened to devour the blood of his most beautiful children. Copyrigth '.

Web Cams in the World

We all have the urge to go and relax in the most world, but before you go looking to find out more detail in etihstranah interesting and neobychnogo.Posmotrev these stranys using web cameras – can make the right choice of their desires their implementation. Review of the cameras will give the opportunity to see the city vrealnom time, feel the spirit of ancient streets and create a small impression of the country, vkotorye you're going to go. When traveling to different countries is convenient to go iposmotret webcam in real time and think about how to dress for posescheniigorodov at the time of travel. Each city has its own history and mnogovekovuyukulturu his country, in which reflected their traditions. For nebolshoyvremennoy period you can go back to the far corners of our great planetyi plunge in its beautiful view. For this trip do not need a passport, visa nishengenskie not foreign currency. Get to a point of interest using this type of movement may be only a few seconds.

Crafts Presents

Variety show – be diverse! Berlin, 20.09.13 – tomorrow, on Saturday, the 21 September 2013, takes place in the framework of the nationwide day of action the Spandauer day of crafts for the third time. This year he presented the local crafts at a special booth location: on the market square in the Spandauer Altstadt. Visitors can learn about the colorful, creative and diverse craftsman landscape in Spandau and get to know them. Programme information booths, local crafts, projects and educational institutions, as well as various participatory actions provide a varied programme from 11 am to 4 pm for adults and children. The performances of the youth film project “Kiez insights!” are a highlight of the event. Greeting words speak Gerhard Hanke, District Councillor for youth, education, culture & sports, Karsten Berlin, Vice President of the Berlin Chamber of skilled crafts, Gabriele Fliegel, Chairman Association economic Spandau e.V.

and Christine Otto, neighbourhood management-chip permanent Neustadt. Traditionally, there are neighbourhood tours for those interested in Visitors again the popular neighborhood tours of the Spandau Neustadt and Wilhelm city. Local craft businesses open their doors and give insights into their workshops and salesrooms. The tours are prepared by young people from the TeenKom project ( and carried out. The tours start at 14: 00 from the market square. Frequents of the neighborhood tour Spandauer Neustadt are old town and to 2.30 P.m. at the Metzer square 14: 00 on the market venue in the Spandauer Altstadt and around 14.30 in the Spandauer Neustadt frequents of the neighborhood tour Wilhelm city at the bus stop Eiswerderstr. at 14: 00 on the marketplace in the Spandau.

Contact, information and registration: Sally gar; Mobile: 0176 / 496 093 66; Email: 2011 organized background who became Spandauer day of trade in the framework of the nationwide day of action in the Spandauer Neustadt for the first time and since then every year there. The idea of a dedicated citizen to call a local day of the craft in life, was the former District Council welcomed Spandauer Neustadt and the Neighbourhood management of the Spandau Neustadt promoted. Under the sponsorship of the Caiju Association of local action day has established now is as traditional new town event. The local action day district, part of the program social city is part of the project “Days of the craft” under the sponsorship of the Caiju e.V., funded by the neighbourhood management for the Spandau Neustadt area by means of the EU and the State of Berlin, in the framework of the future initiative. He is a collaborative project between Caiju e.V., neighbourhood management Spandauer Neustadt, economic court Spandau Association, street management, Wilhelm city, INTER insurance group in cooperation with the Berlin Chamber of crafts and local businesses. For more information, see to day of action. For questions we are gladly available. Press contact: Maren Hoffmann Presse and public relations 0177-313 67 54 maren.hoffmann at caiju .de promoter Caiju – society for equal opportunity and workplace integration Teenager e.V. Krullsstrasse 3, 12435 Berlin Tel 030-5595 6592 info at caiju .de

Assumption Monastery

Two kilometers from Bakhchisarai in the rock at the edge of a sheer cliff, many centuries ago originated Assumption Monastery, one of the oldest in the Crimea. There are many legends about the origin of the temple. According to one shepherd named Michael I saw the rock in seven yards from the ground and an icon of Our Lady of the burning candle in front of her. The villagers have moved with great honor an icon of the town, but in the morning she was again on the same spot on the rock. Then people realized that God Mother's wish that her icon was there.

And they have carved into the rock temple and the temple steps and brought in an icon. The phenomenon of the holy icon was on August 15, the day of the Assumption of the Virgin, so the new church was dedicated to this event. A gorge is called Maryam-tree – the gorge of St. Mary. The monastery was founded presumably at the end of VIII – IX centuries early. in the era of feudal relations in the Crimea and ikonobornichestva in Byzantium. Emperors Isaurian dynasty persecuted the clergy and monks, destroyed monasteries, destroyed the icon. The monks and worshipers fled from the Byzantine Empire in the Crimea.

Here, on inaccessible cliffs, there were numerous monasteries – Shuldan, Chelter, Kachi-Kalon, Assumption Monastery. Dormition of the XV century. became the center of the Christian church in the Crimea. In the beginning it was a small hermitage.

Burkhard Swivel: Against The Mainstream – For A Strong Europe

Europe has emerged stronger from the global economic crisis. This by the trend-setting European management model has been possible, as Burkhard swivel in his book Europe!”notes. Currently, it is not easy to represent one per European attitude. For months, the end of the euro zone is prophesied and generally is anti-European sentiment in politics and population. Prof.

Dr. Burkhard swivel, Chairman of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants (, follows not that mainstream. In his book Europe leads! Plea for a successful management model”swivel is committed to a positive image of Europe and in particular the economic strength of European companies. The author, Burkhard swivel, involved for years on European issues. He is a member of various organisations and initiatives that committed to Europe. So, swivel is also initiator and member of the jury of the by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants promised from best of European business “-award.” Since 2005 companies and personalities are awarded to, who can present special achievements and innovative business models. The jury, consisting of leading personalities of successful European companies, has awarded over 100 winners. It is a personal concern of Burkhard swivel, this economic strength to highlight.

His book, Europe leads! “, opened swivel with the words: I am a convinced European perhaps a European out of conviction.” As such, he describes the European management model, which developed for years and is responsible for the success of companies in Europe. According to swivel the European managers are the real global player. Every second European top manager has worked abroad. In addition to this internationality, swivel the top managers from Europe certifies more strengths. So the European decision-makers, the productivity make it to increase and parallel to invest in growth. The biggest advantage of Europe for swivel however lies in the strategic and long-term orientation of the company. The European Manager always thinking about the future of company and product. The European management model with its internationality, rationality and the simultaneous willingness to invest, is for swivel in the future. Burkhard swivel is a personal concern, to give a platform to this successful European model. Burkhard swivel (…) expands with his new book, Europe leads! Plea for a successful management model”, his many years of commitment to European issues out. Against the negative mainstream, he turns out the strengths of the European economy, international is fighting for a higher viewing of Europe in economy and politics. Swivel paints a picture as close to the reality of Europe’s presence and speaks at a glance into the future significantly to the opportunities and threats. Roland Berger Strategy consultants GmbH press contact: Daniela Furst Tel.: + 49 (0) 89/9230-8765 fax: + 49 (0) 89/9230-8599 E-Mail: Roland Berger Strategy consultants, founded in 1967, is one of the world’s leading strategy consultancies. With and 2000 the company is active employees and 39 offices in 27 countries successfully on the world market. The strategy consulting is an independent partnership exclusively owned by around 180 partners.

The Workers

As Siqueira (2009) in virtue of the extreme heat and the lack of knowledge, the workers of coal bunkers do not use the EPIs, working with bare-footed slippers or, without protection in the arms and heads, leaving its physical security in second plain. The work in the coal bunkers displays the workers the relations of unjust and unstable work, without guarantee of basic the labor laws, as defined weekly rest, hours of working, vacation, social insurance and of employment-related accident. The work conditions are inadequate, without the minimum comfort, the equipment and work instruments are archaic and/or without protection, the work is monotonous and under constant tension and risk, excessively, in the phase of ' ' vigiar' ' the oven. The work carried through in ' ' Primavera&#039 coal bunker; ' it is a heavy activity and desgastante, under high temperatures and inside of a thick smoke cloud, to extreme the solar radiation, produced chemical substances in the combustion of the wood and to the bite for peonhentos animals they are some of the risk conditions that affect the health of the worker. How much to the conditions of the Environment, the environment is plus an element to be explored in the process of reproduction extended of the capital. This relation between man, technology and nature if finds subordinated to the parameters of the capital and the producing system of merchandises (ANTUNES, 2000). FINAL CONSIDERAES Although the existence of the laws that regulate the relations of work in Brazil, the exploration of the worker still are a constant, mainly, in the agrarian question. Exactly with the one hundred and twenty years of the abolition, the materializaes of the physical space of senzalas had not left of to exist. The world of the work contemporary, although the technological and scientific evolution still exploits and submits the workers the work conditions that many times place them front to the worse forms of degradation of the human being as individual, removing its identity and its rights.