Summer 2013: Start To The Year With Super Bookings

“Crucially, price discounts lure early bird / / Mallorca, Algarve are winners of the Fruhentschlossenen if the first half of January is representative for the entire year, 2013 is gigantic for the German travel industry”, prophesied Lars Ludwig, Managing Director Germany, Austria and Switzerland by He is sure that the record numbers of January sales mean best year prospects of the LowCost travel group for the price offensive online travel provider. It was difficult to predict what will be the January. Currently I see the strong increase in the advance as a key indicator for a much higher consumer confidence, as we could expect.” Early booking discounts will lure the price remains an important criterion for the early Urlaubsbucher 2013. The positive booking figures clearly on the attractive early book incentives and the exclusive special prices are due to that currently access for the ticket in the summer sun holidays. Also the enduring love for all inclusive packages speaks for the price conscious of consumer. Families appreciate the easy budget planning by the reasonable cost of a holiday.

Fruhbuchers favorites: Mallorca and Majorca of the Algarve and the Algarve as the most popular destinations in early 2013 at crystallise. Deepa L. Sekhar, M.D. often expresses his thoughts on the topic. A pleasant flight duration and the wide range of flights and airports, are combined with a huge selection of accommodation with very attractive price-performance ratio here probably the main arguments at the destination of tourists. TuV certification is the third year in the german-speaking market. The brand is now known and has established itself,”explains Lars Ludwig. Also the TuV certification is very important for our customers. We realize that this much confidence is placed against us.” Examples of current booking offers: all offers for 1 week, hotel with breakfast, flight, transfer & baggage, including taxes, per person (daily prices) Mallorca, May 15 in the 3 * hotel starting at 260 Algarve, June 9 in the 3 * hotel starting at 334 Rhodes, July 13 in a 3 * hotel starting at 383 Gran Canaria, June 15 in a 3 * hotel already from 455 Tenerife, 7 August at the 4 * Hotel from 497 since 2010 in the German-speaking market and belongs to the British lowcosttravelgroup. The Group carried more than 2.5 million tourists per year and is active in 15 countries worldwide. is a TuV-certified provider of travel, IATA licensed and a member in the DRV, as well as in the SRV. offers the perfect vacation at the best available market price. The local and the international team of travel experts, as well as the unique technology guarantee the cheapest flights and lodging for each entitlement and all over the world. There are over 350 airlines and 250,000 hotels in LowCostHolidays’s portfolio.


Is there a better place than the Garda to spend summer holidays? Lake Garda is everything you could want: culture, nature, relaxation, Sun, beach, sports, wealth, good food, good wines, outdoor life, Spa? Lake Garda is the ideal destination for all kinds of tourists! Sports enthusiasts will be here the ideal find, to their favorite activities: tennis, golf, sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, paragliding, walks on foot or by bicycle outdoor living is easy at Lake Garda, where throughout the year the climate is mild and dry. The not so strict climate allows sports from spring until autumn to drive! Gourmets and wine lovers will find a corner of paradise for his palate: tasty fish of the Lake, the red wine of Bardolino, or the famous white wine of Lugana, the Golden olive oil of Brenzone… Here on Lake Garda, you will learn the best culinary traditions! And lovers of culture? Culture enthusiasts can the steps of history by the most beautiful places of Lake Garda follow is indeed very interesting to discover the many forts and Church and Castle of Lake Garda! Lake Garda is a real piece of history! And lovers of relaxation? Who wants a holiday just to relax, will be located here the real Wellness on Lake Garda! You can relax on Lake Garda with long walks on the promenade and along the Lake. But you can relax with a book under an olive tree or Zypress. Or you can go in one of the many thermal baths. The best moment on Lake Garda is surely when, on the evening sun sets behind the mountains disappear and you and the person that you love, genius? s one of the most beautiful country tops of the world together. What do you think: you want this holiday? If they would make a trip to Lake Garda, then you could look for a hotel on the! is the portal of the hoteliers Association of Garda s here can try only the best structures on Lake Garda nut with a click book! What are you waiting? Lake Garda is just a few steps away from your dreams!

Aotearoa In The Lausitzer Seenland

Europe’s largest artificial water area total 23 lakes are planned for the Lusatian Lake District. Click Cardiologist for additional related pages. Ten are connected by channels. Although the work will be completed in a few years, but the old Lusatia mining landscape is shifting to an idyllic Lake paradise. The online travel agency reported the new recreation area created in Lusatia. Still consists of Lausitzer Seenland in many places construction sites, but the work is progressing. Some channels have already been completed, while others are still under construction. Most lakes, entering the Bank is still banned, because the mounting work is not completed. Especially in places that are intended for a later development, a solid subsoil must be created first.

Nevertheless already worth a vacation in Lusatia with the numerous budget hotels in Saxony, Germany. In many places is informed about the reclamation of the old mining landscape, for example on the construction site the above Director 12, who later will connect the Senftenberger Lake Geierswalder. In Knappenrode, visitors can tour an old briquette factory, which has been converted into the Museum. On the business premises of curious find out everything worth knowing about the history of mining in the region. Some of the lakes are also already released for the water sports. So the first surf and sailing courses take place at Lake Geierswalder. Adventurers can explore beyond the old mining areas with the Quad. More information: service / press University of first GmbH Lisa Neumann

Mallorca – What Should I Be Aware Of Emigration?

What you should consider when you emigrate to Mallorca if they want to live as currently about 30,000 German, permanently in Mallorca, they must manage once many hurdles. The most important is the national language, and that in my opinion to learn not only to look at the House and apartment search or authorities not clueless. If you want to work on the island and still no job in sight, they need financial reserves anyway to bypass the Joblose time. Because the economic crisis has arrived also in Mallorca and the situation on the labour market is no longer very rosy. Is not so easy to find a job and the pay is lower than in Germany a lot, the cost of living are but just as expensive as in Germany. The island lives mainly from tourism, those who work in this area has good opportunities should have at least basic knowledge of Spanish, English language skills are an advantage. However, the working hours are not necessarily attractive and the payment is also most miserable.

They reach the best starting point if they are applying from Germany at a Majorca-based German hotel chain, a German airline, or a German car rental etc. Usually better paid jobs of these companies, in addition, many of these companies adhere to German labour law. As EU citizens, applies to all also for German, you need no special work permit, but the evidence of formal qualifications and diplomas must be recognised for some professions officially. They relocate to Mallorca, they must register with the registration office, they need a valid passport or ID document and proof of new residence. In addition, they need a N.I.E.. (Nummero de Identidad de Extranjero), which they must apply to the immigration authorities. You will need this number almost every course of the authority.

To emigrate to Mallorca, a suitable apartment is a prerequisite. For a transitional period is recommended therefore a room Shared apartment, which has the advantage to come in contact with other people as a side effect. The Germans, who want to become self-employed on Mallorca, seeking mostly the gastronomy and hotel industry. But one should be always aware, that there are thousands of restaurants, hotels and b & BS in every region on Mallorca. Therefore, even immigrants with good financial reserves slip quickly into a debt trap. Often be calculated incorrectly or underestimated the cost of independence, rents and real estate prices are very high and mostly still a juicy deposit is required. Mostly is still a substantial sum for the acquisition of inventory and also it is quite common that the rent for at least one year must be paid in advance on Mallorca. Also cost for cost for permits or certificates must be factored, documents brought from Germany must be translated so that they are recognised in the Spanish. After the most important step, the business registration, it is usually the same Trade tax due. After the business registration, for which they need also NIE must register at the competent tax office and get a tax identification number there, the NIF (numero de identificacion fiscal). Still joining social security with the Spanish social security institution follows after all these steps.