HIV AIDS Patient

The prognosis is positive. HIV infection is not progressive and fatal, as it did in the 1980s and early 1990s. Memories of those days and the social stigma that still surrounds HIV, can receive the diagnosis of HIV positive, is more difficult than it actually is, since with the right treatment, HIV is now a chronic and treatable disease. When the patient does not have a very complicated emotional and social history, the person may react as if it were of the diagnosis of diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis. Indeed, the analogy is not exact, since arthritis or diabetes is not contagious to someone else. On the other hand, the treatment of HIV is now easier and effective than treatments for other chronic diseases.

Therapy antiretroviral (art) is the term used to describe the combination of drugs also known as cocktail that has been used since the mid-1990s. When this treatment is mentioned book, reference is made to the TAR or also called antiretroviral therapy, highly active (TAAA) because essentially prevents the virus to multiply and to play. This prevents immune system that helps the body fight diseases is damaged and recovers. The development of the TAR is comparable to the discovery of penicillin, to be one of the most important discoveries for mankind in the 20th century and in continuous improvement during this century. The TAR has completely changed the vision of people with HIV. There is a limited time for the benefits offered once started. If medication strictly following the instructions is used, the patient can keep HIV under control indefinitely, having to modify treatment only if side effects occur or because better drugs have appeared. If you have received the diagnosis, the patient should be aware that can live many years, long enough to die old. It is not necessary to renounce the work or exceeding the credit cards. The TAR It does not guarantee that the lifestyle of positive HIV patient is as a person perfectly healthy, but if it is possible to say to patients newly diagnosed with a judicious treatment and with the constant accompaniment of the treating physician, can almost completely eliminate the possibility of dying of AIDS.