Department Delivery

These routines are the most common operations in U.S. hospitals. Performed under local anesthesia, cesarean section delivery does not cost the work, the surgeon does nothing but open the abdomen and remove the baby. Although recovery usually be heavier than a natural birth. Interestingly, in Puerto Rico has the highest rate of Caesarean sections in the world: 48.7% of births in the country end with the surgery.

Most alarming is that, according to the Department, 55% of those C-sections, ie 13.557 cesareans a year – have no medical justification. The estimated rate as reasonable by the is 10-15%. In the United States, round about 30%. In other words, most are useless from a cesarean. Perhaps, but are comfortable (unlike natural birth mother and the doctor can decide the time of delivery), and very lucrative: Caesarean delivery with hospitals earn more than 2000 dollars, nothing compared to a vaginal delivery truth.

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