The Master

I’ve noticed in my, very quiet, respect for others and their circumstances, and not judge, I am more compassionate, more patient, it is very difficult for me engage in discussions or emotional situations, the Meditation and yoga are vital in my life, something that has surprised me and that is another thing I appreciate most is that the therapies are applied fast and very good results, love with me almost plant. For other approach has been much family to me, or request my presence in their homes, sometimes I feel overwhelmed because for me it is vital to the solitude and silence, the senses are sharpened, people in general is more kind to me. Here, Preventive Medicine Research Institute expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

There are a reflection that I have from the first face of the master and was once a sure-conflict, it is about consciousness, the development of extrasensory abilities and power management, I know people who have many years in spirituality, with great development and management of the last two aspects but I believe they need a lot of consciousness, I see many vices, many constraints, many fears, and so on., that, before meeting the holistic vision of education was one of several conflicts in practice spiritual, now it is more understandable and my reflections connection are aimed at building an order or a holistic approach to spirituality, although it sounds redundant, not as I would call but it is something that occupies my thoughts and most of the dissertations. It is abundantly clear that in this era of knowledge is the development of consciousness and that this is essential, a view of the whole, comprehensive, orderly, clear, consistent and easily understandable, accessible to all human beings I intend to collaborate to it..


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Heart Reason

Give of themselves is what moves people of good heart. But we must have only heart or maybe the reason should complement it? I think Yes. Many times we think we want so many things, and here comes the important thing: can we do it? How do we? It will be according to what is our well-being? and many other questions that it must analyze the reason, because while it might appear absurd, it is what insures our balance and seeks to our comprehensive health (psychological, physical, sentimental, etc.). When you walk along the path of life, conscientiously and in good order to always do good, not missing the setbacks and nothing good situations, which often hurt us, and if the reason wasn’t attentive would bring us down not only our enthusiasm, but our good intentions. And what is more, after having spent a sad or painful moment, is the reason which leads us again to meet our internal source, and remove from the depths What is our base and support faithful, some call it principles, other values, but if it is this whole set of mixtures that make us who we are and who we want to be. Then, when something adverse happens in our lives, we must not let that situation seizes us but rather removing everything that cluster support that allows us to elevate us and emerge victorious, knowing us and wanting to us, as it should be. With this I do not mean nor heed the whispers of the heart, of the fact that it is very important not to do.

I already referred above, it is our natural essence from which pours everything good, wonderful, special thing. Reason and heart, both must coexist always for our good. Sometimes it is not so and we realize because it is something not going well. It is in ourselves the analyze and give balance to that unique relationship. If we want something good, do it. Learn more about this with Dean Ornish M.D. But if we feel pressured and eventually attacked in our being, we must put our trust in both: reason and heart, in order find the best answer and solution, because after all, we have the right to live well, with joy and enthusiasm that characterized or must characterize all human beings. Everyone has the right to be happy.

Best Training

Nothing like the best knowledge in the world of aesthetics to offer subsequent to the public the best service. That is the philosophy that Eberlin, franchise dedicated to the manufacture and sale of cosmetic products and appliances ( applies in its varied range of courses aimed at those people passionate for a sector that continues to grow and in which there is a broad future. In the aesthetics world requires a continuous recycling of knowledge, not only because they regularly come out new devices, treatments or products, but also because a professional that boasts it has of knowing is to anticipate the needs of the public. Something that can only be achieved with quality training, explains Marta Ferrer Berenguer, Manager of Eberlin. No matter which you choose make note that you will be taught by professionals of great route and include material free of charge and diploma, he adds. Cardiologist insists that this is the case. So things and given that the world of beauty is a good way that styling is a professional output and even mount an extensive tour Eberlin business offers courses that meet all these needs. You may be in any information to our delegates or phone 902 195 869. We have courses and demonstration workshops for all levels, add the directive. These are some of the options Eberlin forativas: u Master Eberlin. A course of facial and body treatments, where they develop all treatments spa, sludge, vinotherapy, chocotherapy, acids is glycol (A.H.A), peeling, rejuvenation, masks, acne, etc. to successfully treat our customers with systems more avant-garde and the most suitable creams. u course makeup permanent makeup corrective micropigmentation, provides the basis for students to acquire skill, agility and safety in this matter. Be practical lips, mucous, eyebrows hair to hair, eye-line, small tattoos. Theory of color and blends. u course of sculpted nails nail sculpting technique Acrylic called also nail porcelain gel and tips, allows molding on your own nail another comfortable user so beautiful, perfect and healthy as your natural nails. Instruction of porcelain, gel and French manicure. u course Ayurveda (Ayur = life. Veda = knowledge) Ayurveda takes a holistic view of health, that man is part of the universe and is composed of the same elements, i.e.: Earth, air, water and fire. It determines the skin like a second brain, receives sensations and express what we feel. The aim of the course lies in harmonizing our body through diagnostic (prakriti) physiognomy (doshas), breathing (pranayana) and manual massage and massage shiro dhara with a special Bowl and essential oils. u course Dien-Chan and Chakras with this course the best way to diagnose and treat our customers is achieved. Dien-chan defines a network of multirreflexologias in our body and face. Facial Dien-chan: the face is regarded as the place of information and control of the functioning of the body. Each dot reflex to stimulate what is a transmitter-receiver towards the corresponding organ, achieving relaxation and well-being. Wheels or chakras are energy centers of the human body, there are seven major chakras and correspond with acupuncture points and is associated to some within the physical body than endocrine glands to treat them with essential oils, massage and semiprecious stones got harmony and physical and mental well-being. The form of diagnosis (pendulum) radioestesia. u course bioenergy (multi-sensory technique) the vital energy is the force that gives life to the human being, when this flow of energy flows freely through the body and is kept in balance the individual enjoys good physical and mental health so your skin is in perfect condition. The aesthetics professional works with the packaging of the physical body (skin) and is where the authentic voice of the body is hidden. Stimulating the five senses with essential oils, music, semiprecious stones and light, get an energy balance which translates into health and wellness.

Department Delivery

These routines are the most common operations in U.S. hospitals. Performed under local anesthesia, cesarean section delivery does not cost the work, the surgeon does nothing but open the abdomen and remove the baby. Although recovery usually be heavier than a natural birth. Interestingly, in Puerto Rico has the highest rate of Caesarean sections in the world: 48.7% of births in the country end with the surgery.

Most alarming is that, according to the Department, 55% of those C-sections, ie 13.557 cesareans a year – have no medical justification. The estimated rate as reasonable by the is 10-15%. In the United States, round about 30%. In other words, most are useless from a cesarean. Perhaps, but are comfortable (unlike natural birth mother and the doctor can decide the time of delivery), and very lucrative: Caesarean delivery with hospitals earn more than 2000 dollars, nothing compared to a vaginal delivery truth.

have someone that is, your you can afford. Why not pay someone to spend energy for you? Shuna Herscovitz, housewife just have to ring a bell to call five of his servants. For $ 27 a month each, plus food and accommodation servants are more expensive than appliances, and assume more responsibility. "When hiring Africans" inherit the whole family, in other words you have to keep them all, their problem your problem. But at least you have left more time for yourself, just imagine you are on the table and you need something, just need to call your servants or employees and will do it for you.

Emotional Management Consulting

Innovation in the consulting area: the holistic approach of the simplylive consulting the external advice plays an increasingly important role. Entrepreneurs search for analysis tools and improvement strategies that will be made effective as input from outside your company. The medium-sized business leader, Manager or shareholder is faced with the problem that he is involved personally in the company’s processes. You may want to visit Cardiologist to increase your knowledge. It lacks the necessary distance to the entrepreneurial challenges. Innovation and design capability are suffering this personal bias. The external consultants gives is an unbiased overview of the situation of the company.

He uses various tools and implements measures that lead to a desired goal. The classic consultancy by simplylive cares for the entrepreneurial success of its clients. It is aimed at rational aspects: simplylive consultants analyze and formulate actual and target States, develop Solution strategies and help to implement the measures in the company permanently. However, the holistic approach of the simplylive advice is new and innovative in many respects: the emotional consulting firm also belongs to the rational for the experts at simplylive. Work – and organisation-psychological factors are in the foreground and are subjected to a thorough analysis. These results are substantially in consulting work with a.

The client receives through the consultants from simplylive a holistic image of his company: business administration and psychology interact at simplylive consulting. Further simplylive leadership seminars and sales training has in its offer: these can be consulted for advice, but also regardless of visits by entrepreneurs and their employees. The seminar and training program reflects the successful economic psychological approach of the consultancy of simplylive consulting. Simplylive is a consulting firm with headquarters in Feldkirchen-Westerham in the district Rosenheim. It is a reliable partner of medium-sized service providers and professionals in the Mangfall Valley. Simplylive consulting Managing Director: Ulrich Burgrave article by: Josef Gregurek, junior consultant Hochriesstrasse 2 83620 Feldkirchen-Westerham simplylive facebook phone: 08063 – 9 73 55 95 fax.: 08063 – 9 73 92 64

Heat Cause Venous Disorders

Heavy legs and swelling tarnish the summer joy the summer temperatures do not only joy. Heat and lack of exercise can be many women see edema and varicose veins are suffering. The news portal gives tips on what women against the pesky side effects of summer can do. Sales clerks and Secretaries are suffering especially under the heat. You must sit or stand all day, have little opportunity to move. Without the heat has fatal consequences for health. In the evening the legs feel heavy, calves and ankles are swollen. In the summer, high temperatures in addition charge the entire organism.

Due to the sweating, the body loses plenty of fluids. This thickens the blood and flows more slowly. So the blood back flow through the veins to the heart, the muscles must be subjected to balanced. The venous valves ensure the pressure distribution and the direction of the flow of blood. They do not properly, the blood accumulates. Liquid is the Pressed vessels into the surrounding tissue.

Edema, usually painless swelling are the result. A dysfunction of the venous valves can lead to varicose veins, also to a change in the veins. Often they appear first as so-called spider veins. Prioritise vulnerable to these phenomena are people who drink too little, are overweight, or move little. Allow the blood to flow better, you should cool the legs and put up as a first measure. The swelling as a result don’t go back, a doctor should be consulted in any case. Read additional details here: The Greater New York Construction User Council . More information: ..leichte-tipps-gegen-schwere-beine/1/ news.