Nuremberg – Reserve Middle Ages

In Nuremberg, I visited during a trip to the international salsa festival Kubamemucho, held in Munich. The festival was over, before the flight was still a couple of days and I visited the "most German of all German cities', often referred to as Nuremberg. Risen from the ashes preserved Gothic architecture in the historic center – a picture, in fact, quite common in many old European cities. However, Nuremberg – a special case. Gothic is not limited to one or two councils – there is the whole center looks like a medieval town, miraculously endured to this day.

As befits a medieval castle, surrounded by a powerful defense fortifications – an impressive five-kilometer defensive wall with a moat and numerous towers as a separate modern city with its noisy highways from the quiet realm of antiquity. The flow of vehicles passing by the whole this ancient fortifications – the landscape is so trivial to Nuremberg, which is very quickly cease to pay attention to this bizarre combination of today and yesterday. More precisely, even before yesterday. For the serfs walls are drawn mazes of narrow ancient streets, built a typical German, half-timbered houses with tiled roofs. Many buildings adorn the old emblems and figures of saints, the houses date back to XV – XVI, even XIV ages! Church or five hundred palaces with history can be found in many cities, but the ordinary homes of simple artisans, of which there are five – six centuries – a truly unique spectacle! That Interestingly, in these houses are still inhabited.

The Risk

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The Sound

He bears the main burden and responsibility for life cover. On top of it imposes decorative layer – Printed drawing, which will determine the 'rock' and 'color of the wood. " And finally, top design, pressed under high temperature and high pressure, is covered by a layer of durable laminate. It protects the floor from scratches and mechanical impact. When compared with natural laminate flooring besides increased durability is worth noting the ease of installation of the first. When laminate flooring is not necessary to exempt the entire area of the premises, because the work can be done in stages.

Laminate plank so-called floating floor method, when the plate is not attached tightly to the surface, but dense docking with each other, are placed on a special substrate, which, among other things, provides cushioning and muffles the sound of steps. There are two ways of articulation of laminate plates: the adhesive and the castle ('click'). The first method is more traditional. And he has an undeniable advantage – the glue, enveloping the pieces, creates a guaranteed waterproof floor. The castle is now the same way the most popular.

Its main advantage is the ability to easily replace damaged floorboards (although in fairness it should be noted that after 2-3 substitutions between the plates may appear a gap and then the floor isolation will be broken). Given all the nuances, many manufacturers duplicate the collection, releasing them with two different mounting systems. Install laminate flooring is very simple, all transactions are available even unprofessional, especially since the whole process is described in detail in the instructions.