Watch Your Hair

Throughout human existence, there were two opposite problem – how to restore hair growth, as well as losing unnecessary. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. describes an additional similar source. Hair of the head showed extraordinary pressure, the newly grown up after the most detrimental effects, or vice versa does not grow, some would force did not make a person and who would not seek help. Our hair in its structure has two parts – permanent and temporary. Constant – is a hair sac (follicle) whereby hair vyrostaet, and the temporal part – the hair itself. Due to cell division the bottom of the follicle (hair bulb) appears and grows hair.

Remember, if the hair is not in the hair follicle, it becomes dead. They were not fed with the flow of blood and lymph, they do not affect the endocrine system and mental state. Actually hair does not have good health or disease. They may be the only form of (a lush, thick or rare, shiny or dull, greasy or dry, soft or hard), as well as poporchennymi – split ends, brittle, curled, etc. Only after all the difficulties with the hair – or is the problem of the scalp or improper care hair.