Thai Muscles

Flexibility does not depend on age, people who care about their bodies, remain flexible to a ripe old age. Master of Thai massage should monitor the situation of his body in order to avoid damage to your own muscles. Its weight should be evenly distributed. At the stretching and pressure massage therapist should not Use only the arm muscles, you need to use the weight of the body. When the Thai massage massage therapist should be, as the patient is comfortable enough, so discomfort prevent masseur concentration and disturb the harmony of movement that is so necessary for Thai massage. Europeans generally believe the only effective way to stay flexible and healthy – yoga. But Thai massage – it is more simple way to achieve the same if not greater effect. At the same time on your part does not require almost no effort.

After mastering a rich set of techniques of Thai massage sequence, and their performance can be keep your body in optimal condition. Some techniques of Thai massage can be used as treatments. Consequence of aging is the loss of body flexibility and mobility. The Thai system is capable of permanently preserve youthfulness of the body. The Thai system of healing maintains the elasticity of the muscles, encouraging their harmonious functioning, allows the muscles to maintain proper distribution of energy in the body.

Human muscles change their length depending on whether the working or relaxed they are. When the voltage muscle becomes shorter. If excessive force the muscle or, for whatever reason restrict its movement, then it will lose its elasticity.