The Bible

VI B.C.; Greek (the language of the New Will, of international use to the time of Christ.) e, not obstante to everything this, has the fact of it to keep this coherence of Gnesis to the Apocalypse, not obstante to deal with hundreds of controversial subjects? One notices that it has the only history that it goes if disclosing: ' ' The redemption of the man for part of Deus' '. It has been chore for more people and published in more languages of what any another book. In absolute terms another book does not exist any that reach, or that exactly starts if to equal, to the Bible, in circulation terms. She has been translated, retranslated and paraphrased more than what any another existing book. To be written in perishable material, having that to be copied and to be recopiada during hundreds of years, before the invention of the press, it did not harm its style, exactness or existence. (Similarly see: Preventive Medicine Research Institute). Compared with other old writings, the Bible possesss more tests in terms of manuscripts of what, together, they possess the ten texts of classic literature with bigger number of manuscripts. During eighteen centuries the skeptics have refuted and attacked this book, and, however, it is today firm as a rock.

He increases its circulation, more he is loved, appreciated and read of what any another one in any another time. If this book was not of God, the men it would have destroyed has much time. Emperors and Popes, kings priests, princes and governing, have all attemped to destroy it, They die and the Book survives. None another book has been so attacked, cut into pieces, searched, examined and defamed. That book of philosophy, religion, psychology or literature, from the classic or modern period, suffered a so massive attack as the Bible? One has attacked marked for as much badness and skepticism? One has attacked so vast and granted for so erudite people? One has attacked against each chapter, paragraph and line? The Bible deals with much franqueza regarding the sins of its personages.


From these distinct forms of manifestation, them they are thought about three contexts, receiving, therefore, different denominations. They are called animals of the deep one when the rivers and igaraps are disclosed in, under the form of snakes, fish, botos and alligators. About this condition, them they are thought as dangerous, therefore they can provoke bad looked at or shot an arrow of animal in the common people. In case that they disclose under form human being, in the manguezais or beaches, they are called ' ' oiaras' ' ; in this in case that, they frequent appear as if were known people, friends or relatives, and desire to take the people for the deep one. The third form of manifestation she is that one where they, remaining invisible, become incorporated themselves in the people, she wants are those who have dom ' ' of nascena' ' to be xams, it wants are of who ' ' if agradam' ' , it wants are proper xams (pajs) already formed: in this in case that, they are called caruanas, guides or gentlemen. When disclosing itself in pajs, during the xamansticas sessions, the caruanas come to practise the good, over all to cure illnesses. The cosmoviso in would enchant Amazonian, according to Harris (2004), is divided in three worlds or domnios: the Sky, habitation of Deus and Dos Santos, are ' ' on ' ' ; the Intermediary, who is the world of the men, the material and profane world, is ' ' in meio' ' ; the Deep one, that is, the deepening of the rivers, the land or the bushes, is habitation of the magic ones and caruanas, he is ' ' embaixo' '. The world of the men would be linked for the Sky and the Deep one, and pajs, xams or masters are the axle of communication between these spheres.