The Individual

The philosophy discovered speeches it evidences where it that the history of the society is a history turned for the fight of classrooms, the worker and the master. The philosophy breaks barriers so that the individual obtains to reach full efforts in its satisfaction, and so that it still its happiness. Ethics and moral In the present time were had to speak very in ethics, professional ethics. Example; the famous medical ethics, where the such accept medicine wrong and nobody knows you are welcome. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. shines more light on the discussion. In the current society this is one of the errors most common, in view of that they deal with life human being, however if they do not have to invoke the medical ethics for hidden the incapacity of any professional who does not have respect for the man at least. Harms in the end of accounts, what she is ethical? Therefore ' ' ethical word comes of Greek ETHOS, who wants to say way of being or carter' ' , while way of life that the man acquires or composed. But objective ethics can be defined as being a systematic set of knowledge rationals and objectives regarding the human, moral behavior as placed by ADOLPH SRCHES.

VAZQUEZ. (1982), meantime, the ethics if happen of the rational and objective knowledge, however the proper rational and objective thing to be must have a starting point, this means to say, the rational is objective. The ethics confuse the many times with the moral, however, must be left clearly that they are two different things, considering itself that the ethics mean the theory or the science of the moral behavior of the men in the society, whereas moral wants to say custom, or a set of norms or rules acquired with passing of the time. Ethics are the moral scientific aspect, therefore in such a way the ethics and moral involve the philosophy, history, psychology, religion, the politics, the right and become a structure that surrounds the human being.

Society and Appearances

The imposition of the modismo the current society, makes that it to live of appearances, makes it sick person in certain way. Imposition which, makes in them to be hypocritical you criticize how much them, how much the beliefs, how much to that it occurs in our mind. That it made to go against our will of simply being, feeling, to act. The appearances are not deceptive. Not. They are not deceptive. We are that we deceive in them with it. With our inability to perceive what he really is and what he is not.

For pure he influences received and left of side for comodismo, for ignorance, vanity. We have a long way to cover so that let us can perceive that, what influences in them, he makes in them to live of appearances, he makes in them to be who we are not for pleasing to all, or the estapafrdias ideas, of a imperialism, narcissism, of cruelty, that defends proper interest solely; it is only one idea of pregao. So that these occur influence, she is necessary to understand that it was left in them of inheritance, a weak and malleable mind in accordance with these interests taxes. Since the times most remote, with empires, slaveries, inquisitions, savagery. Leaving the mind, poor person of will of being able, bad in taking decisions of proper taste, always needing trends, orders, submission. She is necessary, to work the mind so that if it accustoms to bolt some ideas, that want to leave all equal ones with the idea to be different. land may find this interesting as well. Half stranger sounds to find that, is bombed, with ideas that can influencing in them and leaving in them mentally ill. He is half frightful to believe that everything and all that are its return, are persuading you all the moment.

But he is what he happens. We do not have as defending in them. We have yes as in them to use to advantage e, to perceive that ideas and ideals are these, so that let us can filter our initiatives of choices. In end we have that accustoming in them to understand what it is not understood, and to hear our instincts that, always in give an alert one to them, but always it is stopped by the unconscious desire of if becoming equal everybody, that is different, differentiating itself of a world of equal tax for the modismo.