Spanish Soccer

Spanish soccer maintains its effervescence and seems to count the matches by victories. Either the absolute selection, or the inferiors. It seems that almost it does not have World-wide or European that resists to him and, from gold in the Eurocopa of 2008, the selections inferiors accumulate so many praises as trophies. The unified proposal of game, the individualities to the service of the group and the good atmosphere are the routes of the success. Click Professor Roy Taylor to learn more. Yesterday, sub 19 was crowned in Rumania like continental champion when winning to the Czech Republic (2-3) in a duel in which it had to overcome – &quot twice; the union and the mental strength were determinantes" , it honored the technician, Gins Melndez- and that solved in the prorogation with two goals of Green barley, of the Valencia. A laurel to add to European sub 21 of a 17 month ago and European sub feminine of the past weekend. " It is fruit of the work of the clubs, do that it very well, and the selectors, who finish off faena" , Vicente of the Forest, the absolute selector agrees. Equal thinks Luis Mile, that directed to sub 21 in the past European: " The federation takes advantage the great work of the clubs, of a style that proposed the previous selectors and of the qualities of the soccer players, to that us adecuamos". Source of the news: : Spain has the formula. book-report/’>Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. as a relevant resource throughout.