Portugal Market

It is more, the presence of the standard in Portugal is a challenge, since it supposes to export the model to a different reality. In spite of the similarities with Spain, the country luso has a particular idiosyncrasy. For this reason, ” CARLiN offers to the market a form to present/display the world of the fresh and dynamic Stationery store, betting by the image, the proximity and the agility in our equipment at the time of managing the needs of the protagonist: cliente” it comments Carlos Garci’a Director of Marketing of CARLiN for Portugal. In addition, in the day to day, the standard must compete with companies very implanted, one long tradition in the sector and an image of well-known mark. Even so, the standard has most important, ” the innovation capacity that other competitors already have lost, who are to us positioning in a place of reference between the protagonists of the market of the Stationery store in Portugal” , the Director of Marketing argues. A network to grow On the other hand, against the world-wide crisis, CARLiN Portugal has been worth of several tools to diminish its impact. ” Besides implanting our power station and a logistic warehouse to the service of the franchise-holders, developments in the section of marketing, as much in product catalogues have taken place, as in site corporative or the platform of purchases online. Also a reinforcement in the relation with the suppliers and, most important, the entrance in the network of new entrepreneurs has taken place highly dinmicos” , Garci’a adds. He is more, CARLIN Portugal knows that he can arrive very far in this market since he has a very interesting concept, as much for the franchise-holder that wishes to enter the network, like for the final client.