Permanent Hair Removal

In laser hair removal is desolate to be treated hair under the skin at the root. The laser beam is adjusted at each treatment carefully to the patient’s skin type and hair color. Therefore, a treatment for irritable skin and bodies, as well as face possible. Any otherwise inaccessible parts of the body can be achieved through a flexible Faseroptikarm. It is after treatment but also to skin irritations that resemble a sunburn to get scabs and pigmentation. Also, the risk of burns is never completely ruled out. Therefore before treatment a detailed consultation and a brief sample treatment are carried out so as to avoid any later misunderstandings. Specialist for permanent hair removal, you usually find locally. Basically, the laser light after all that has been known about, but harmless to humans, since it is only light. People with Sonnenalergie, skin cancer, pregnant women, and so it is advised to seek treatment. DependingArials size of the treatment takes 5-50 minutes. The period of the treatment of eg six sessions can be between 6-12 months, but it can not be calculated precisely, since it depends on the different skin types. After the treatment the skin with a suitable care should be treated. A very high energy density and penetration depth are crucial in achieving a laser hair removal for permanent hair removal.