Mesopotamia Practice

The horoscope is a practice that accompanies us from thousands of years ago. The earliest evidence of astrological studies dating from the 7th century BC, in the area of Mesopotamia. Thereafter, the practice of the study of the positions of the stars in the firmament and how these influence the destiny of every human being and in his personality became a practice regularly in different civilizations. Around three centuries later than the birth of astrology, the Greeks adopted the practice as their own, and gave him many of the features that come up to our days. Even the names by which we know the signs, derived mostly from Greek mythology. Aries refers to the Golden Fleece, the mythical RAM after which Jason and the Argonauts were in their search. Taurus refers to the way Zeus adopted when it abducted to Europe, for submission to its pleasures. Gemini is inspired by the twins Castor and Pollux.

Cancer reminds us of the crab which helped the Ivy of Lerna, a mythical monster that same Hera grew up from small. Then, he placed it in the sky, just near the constellation of the lion (Leo) so follow it closely. Leo is the lion that Hercules killed. Virgo reminds us of Astrea, only Virgin daughter of Zeus. Libra is the goddess of the Justice says, also daughter of Zeus.

Scorpio is another mythical monster, a Scorpion, which was sent to defeat the hunter Orion. Orion stepped on a Scorpion, and this the sting, causing the death of both nailed it. Zeus put them both in the sky, facing each other, so that the fighting will end. Sagittarius refers us to the Centaur Chiron. Unlike all the Centaurs, Chiron was intelligent and of good character. He was famous for his medical skills, to such an extent that saved of child, by inserting him a piece of a giant dead heel Achilles heel. He was accidentally wounded by a poisoned arrow, and to finish with her constant pain, called renouncing her immortality, I wish that was granted. Capricorn brings us back to the goat Amalthea, who nursed Zeus’s baby. Aquarium is inspired in the young Ganymede, a boy of extreme beauty that fell in love with the Zeus himself. Finally PISCES reminds the shape of fish that Ares and Aphrodite goddesses acquired to flee from the wrath of the titan Typhon. All zodiac signs can be visited on the page of free horoscope free Tarot, the most comprehensive web portal in fortune-telling and occult sciences.