Marriage Daily Life

Falling in love, although it is a sense inevitable, it is power to give us the strength we desire, because the more we focus on that idea, but it will be their take us much "I" depends on the setting in our subconscious that we give ourselves. Suddenly you will hear a very rational proposal, but I think it is necessary so that if later we realize, it's worth falling in love, go with the feeling, and feel the wonder of this feeling. On the other hand I also think that we can not travel the world to distrust everyone, and thinking that all men and women are equal. This comes from the family training, I consider that a negative absolute distrust encourage our children. Of course, it must be specified in education, that there are people with bad intentions and good intentions. I think and I have the certainty you need to know to show teens falling in love is part of the process that will lead us in the future to make a home, and that is not love true. Nor is it correct to encourage shallow relationships under the guise of "do not let yourself suffer" because you can fall into, always be on continuing uncertainty.

Surely we walk we always fall in love, and the degree of human relations we experience. If we learn more easily from people in all the circumstances of our lives, we always find something to dazzle the opposite sex. It is for us the intensity and importance that we want to give that feeling. Love is different, love is in pairs, falling in love is one. I can be in love, but the other person, and the infatuation persists, while in love, if one of the two, does not live by love, this does not exist. But this refers to romantic love. The courtship is a formality before marriage, but there is the question: does the marriage is also a formality?, Do the things of God are a formality? Why do I have to get married by the Church?, Is it necessary? There is a natural fear of couples, knowing that you have to marry by the Church. So they are not practicing Catholic Christian faith 100 percent and know what it really means to marry in this way. Without wishing to show that this means a commitment supernatural.