Hunger Case

Case 1: You must finish a job in the morning and then stay awake .. . Drinking coffee to complete your project during the morning do not cause problems if you are tolerant to caffeine. And if your stomach is resisted. But if that’s not the case, could leave you with nerves in the morning. A better option: a vegetable salad, apples and a few chopped walnuts. The complex carbohydrates in vegetables give you energy, walnuts provide omega-3, that are helping your brain during sleep you achieve upon completion of your project. Case 2: the dreaded insomnia If only these tossing in bed, carbohydrates with starch could help you fall asleep. Foods that quickly raise blood sugar levels also raise blood levels of the amino acid tryptophan, which the brain becomes the soothing serotonin. Therefore, try to cook in a small microwave potato, or some leftover brown rice or a small portion of toasted bread. an innovative health insurance service company has cost-effective health plan solutions Then wait until the dream comes. Case 3: Hunger, but still feared … If such a diet, or just hungry, gives your digestive system for some proteins to keep you happy: a little lean turkey meat, a grain rich in protein like an extra-fluffy rice, or egg white. Really as if you get about a third of your daily calories from lean protein that can help you burn a few extra calories while you sleep. Other helpful suggestions: Dinner less than two hours before going to bed that does not cause weight gain, but if it means that this meal should be the smallest of the day. If your nights are filled with activities that drive your dinner at a late hour and inconvenient, put into practice these strategies: That your lunch is the main meal of the day. And for your dinner just a small sandwich of whole grain bread, fruit or a salad, a small dish of vegetables, or even a bowl of cereal and fruit late at night.