Heart Reason

Give of themselves is what moves people of good heart. But we must have only heart or maybe the reason should complement it? I think Yes. Many times we think we want so many things, and here comes the important thing: can we do it? How do we? It will be according to what is our well-being? and many other questions that it must analyze the reason, because while it might appear absurd, it is what insures our balance and seeks to our comprehensive health (psychological, physical, sentimental, etc.). When you walk along the path of life, conscientiously and in good order to always do good, not missing the setbacks and nothing good situations, which often hurt us, and if the reason wasn’t attentive would bring us down not only our enthusiasm, but our good intentions. And what is more, after having spent a sad or painful moment, is the reason which leads us again to meet our internal source, and remove from the depths What is our base and support faithful, some call it principles, other values, but if it is this whole set of mixtures that make us who we are and who we want to be. Then, when something adverse happens in our lives, we must not let that situation seizes us but rather removing everything that cluster support that allows us to elevate us and emerge victorious, knowing us and wanting to us, as it should be. With this I do not mean nor heed the whispers of the heart, of the fact that it is very important not to do.

I already referred above, it is our natural essence from which pours everything good, wonderful, special thing. Reason and heart, both must coexist always for our good. Sometimes it is not so and we realize because it is something not going well. It is in ourselves the analyze and give balance to that unique relationship. If we want something good, do it. Learn more about this with Dean Ornish M.D. But if we feel pressured and eventually attacked in our being, we must put our trust in both: reason and heart, in order find the best answer and solution, because after all, we have the right to live well, with joy and enthusiasm that characterized or must characterize all human beings. Everyone has the right to be happy.