Through a bibliographical study, he will be presented a little of the history of its sprouting, concepts, objects of study and possibilities of performance of the psychologist in this area. A synthesis of some carried through works already in Ambient Psychology was displayed that had analyzed the interaction of children, aged adolescents and with institucional environment, the interaction person with urban environment, among others, demonstrating the utility of it disciplines in the study of the relation person-environment as form of promotion of well-being and searchs of the support. Being the environment, producing space of psychological, emotional, personal development, professional the behavior, product of the interaction of the man with the way, the inclusion of Ambient Psychology in the half academic if shows sufficiently interesting, since the work of the psychologist will be being influenced for the physical structure of the environment where its customer is inserted, being this also affected by the conditions of the objective and lived deeply space. Newcastle University has firm opinions on the matter. Word-key: Ambient psychology; Environment; Method of Work.

INTRODUCTION Since 1750, the world-wide population has grown of sped up form, having in last the cinquenta years an increase of 2,5 billion inhabitants for 6 billion. The represamento of the rivers, the use of the water, the fertilizer consumption, the urban population, the consumption of paper and the amount of vehicles the engine had increased expressivamente without indications of that it will have an inversion of this growth. In parallel, the nature is moving with the global heating, the destruction of the ozone layer, the amount of natural disasters, the sped up destruction of the tropical forests and of forest regions and the extinguishing of a variety of species.