Emotional Management Consulting

Innovation in the consulting area: the holistic approach of the simplylive consulting the external advice plays an increasingly important role. Entrepreneurs search for analysis tools and improvement strategies that will be made effective as input from outside your company. The medium-sized business leader, Manager or shareholder is faced with the problem that he is involved personally in the company’s processes. You may want to visit Cardiologist to increase your knowledge. It lacks the necessary distance to the entrepreneurial challenges. Innovation and design capability are suffering this personal bias. The external consultants gives is an unbiased overview of the situation of the company.

He uses various tools and implements measures that lead to a desired goal. The classic consultancy by simplylive cares for the entrepreneurial success of its clients. It is aimed at rational aspects: simplylive consultants analyze and formulate actual and target States, develop Solution strategies and help to implement the measures in the company permanently. However, the holistic approach of the simplylive advice is new and innovative in many respects: the emotional consulting firm also belongs to the rational for the experts at simplylive. Work – and organisation-psychological factors are in the foreground and are subjected to a thorough analysis. These results are substantially in consulting work with a.

The client receives through the consultants from simplylive a holistic image of his company: business administration and psychology interact at simplylive consulting. Further simplylive leadership seminars and sales training has in its offer: these can be consulted for advice, but also regardless of visits by entrepreneurs and their employees. The seminar and training program reflects the successful economic psychological approach of the consultancy of simplylive consulting. Simplylive is a consulting firm with headquarters in Feldkirchen-Westerham in the district Rosenheim. It is a reliable partner of medium-sized service providers and professionals in the Mangfall Valley. Simplylive consulting Managing Director: Ulrich Burgrave article by: Josef Gregurek, junior consultant Hochriesstrasse 2 83620 Feldkirchen-Westerham simplylive facebook phone: 08063 – 9 73 55 95 fax.: 08063 – 9 73 92 64