Depression Disease

Bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and bloating everyone knows these unpleasant side effects of fixed days Kaiserslautern-02.01.2010 – Jutta Schutz, books written by some low-carb, shows an effective way without pills (at least with a few drugs) the diseases of civilization to escape or to emerge from the case of the disease. As self interested party (diabetes type two) she made very positive experience in 2007 with the low carb food form. The author informs Parkinson in her books about many civilization diseases such as about ADHD or Crohn’s disease. Approximately 300,000 Parkinson’s patients live in Germany with this disease and approximately 20,000 diagnosed new cases are added per year. The hyperkinetic syndrome”is to curb may also by a changeover to low-carb. Cause the same neurotransmitters are being discussed could play a key role also in migraine. Some symptoms of intolerance such as anxiety, epilepsy, Depression, hyperactivity and schizophrenic phases have to do with the function of the brain.

Some nutritionists found that the symptoms of schizophrenia to subside a little if the patients receive a diet without grains and milk. People with celiac disease, that have an increased intestinal permeability and tolerate no wheat gluten, with a certain probability can also suffer from schizophrenia. On a population group showed in the Pacific Studies, that schizophrenia only prevailed in these groups when they consumed wheat, barley beer and rice (Dohan 1984). And from the source: autismndi (resources and shownews 20040728 225924) contactor reports: researchers in England, Norway and at the University of Florida have found peptide (degradation products of proteins) with opiate effect in the urine of a large percentage of autistic children. Opiates are drugs that affect the brain activity. Could it be that errors in the development of the brain are caused by poor nutrition? Many parents report that her autistic child eats only milk and wheat! Opiates make highly dependent on. If the opioid excess theory on such a child, then it is dependent on actual food.

We eat too many carbohydrates? This is the title of the book the author Jutta Schutz. “She has many old and new scientific studies on low-carb diets” quickly in this book “taken together (available from, BOD-Verlag or order cash in every book store ISBN No.: 9-783-83912-703-2). Compared with the otherwise very dry and stiff counselors the author leads easily and loosely the reader into their books in the low-carb world. And the low-carb diet has nothing to do with food additives or companies to do, it is a diet of just reducing carbohydrates.