Commerce Aviation

Hello friends, this is an article I write for people who will attract the world of commercial aviation and that the moving companies. I recently read that have been voted as the three favorites for the airlines passengers to Singapore Airlines, Brithish Airways and Air France. And for the third consecutive year, the least favorite is. . .

. Ryanair! That yes, favorite bit that is good that people fly with them, less than a month ago came back to draw 2 million free flights (but truly free, without fees or anything) to see who competes with it. About the most I’ve read is Singapore Airlines, is among the most presitigiosas the world, in terms of fleet and routes. It covers the five continents. and operates the longest distance trade route is Singapore – Norway, and whose duration is about 19 hours. It was the first who was in possession of the Airbus A380, the biggest airliner in the world, capable of carrying 800 passengers. The aircraft came to oust the Boeing 787. As for Ryanair, which employs some tactics say somewhat forced to take the offers she receives, there are only seeing the documentary is on Youtube entitled.

Truth has no waste. . . make one after another. Another low-cost Easyjet fame is better. It has excellent coverage throughout Europe. His website is the most visited at European level and why not optimize the page for search engines, people search their brand! That’s be level. Your health is hotels, but most times are Booking. com which carry the water duck as to join with airlines for its diversity of product. A company that recently flew refreshingly surprised me is Finnair. It is the oldest in the world, connecting Europe with Asia from its headquarters in Helsinki.