Childhood Homesickness

Today looking at for the horizon it remembers to me of the time that I age a simple child. I happy age and not wise person! The nothing was everything ahead of my eyes. The curiosity was the element composed that me, lived to proclaim the reason? All new age and the naivety of the child cohabited my being. Of the window of my house, in this immovable afternoon I feel the essence and the importance of those moments. Beautiful moments, beauties days All pretty age, that homesicknesses of the house of my grandmother, those tricks of wheel, the picnics, the first teacher, the fear of the dark one, at last of my infancy. In the memory never I go to forget that one day, I was child and perpetual I want to inside keep of me the essence of that child. Homesicknesses, homesicknesses, vast homesicknesses of my infancy.