ECCE HOMO: A SMALL BRIEF CERTIFICATION FOR YOUNG OF THIS AND OTHER GENERATIONS OR: The NEW Dedicated AVERAGE AGE to my Miriam sister and all/all guerreiros/as that, as our president Dilma Rousseff, had fought and fights against the cancer. In encarte of its record IT LIVENS UP, of 1982, Milton Birth wrote: ' ' This record brings that everything that I believe. All the things that taste. This will to believe, although everything that happens in the world, the opposite to this hope. The very great will to sing, to say the things for the people, of saying things that people heard, what people learned and that people follow living, although tudo' '. ' ' I will take the decision of being interior happy now, where today me encontro' '. (Paramahansa Yogananda) 1. INTRODUCTION Is so good for living! It is so good for being alive! Meeting as many reasons to be happy (although my chronic pessimism), but three things, lately, have left me with the certainty of that it is possible, yes, to be happy: the smile in the face of my sister, Miriam Blacksmith, the smile in the face of my Marizete pupil Pine, the UNEB2000 of Thick Capim and the smile in the face of our president, Dilma Rousseff.

Detail: the three had had – or have? cancer, and had been – or they are – in the fight against this badly. always with a smile in the face! This text brings my ideas and of a great German writer called Hermann Hesse, Nobel de Literatura, extracted of whom better book is its, at least for me, ' ' The Wolf of the Estepe' ' (citations between quotations marks and in boldface, the body of the text). 2. ' ' We do not learn nothing with our experience. We only learn reflecting on ours experincia' '.

Sport Clothes

The realization of some of the various sports activities that there are in the world of sports and fitness can be something very satisfying because that feels the energy of the body, in addition that will be gradually given a better physical image of the body as well as the development of capabilities; but when it comes to sporting activities should take into account an aspect that will make development better and much more pleasant for people and it is the presence of sportswear that according to the conditions of a sport specific and the tastes of the people will allow a better performance offering conditions optimal for a sport. As you can see the presence of sports clothing is almost essential for those seeking the best results in the realization of sports activities, while not only sport clothing represents a means that provides greater comfort for people but allows that within a given physical activity has the necessary means to carry outSince the absence of certain clothing Sport can be something serious without any doubt to dull the intervention within sports. Another point that is worth exalt in terms of sport clothing, is that every manifestation of sporting activity presents certain special on your process conditions, therefore the sportswear must adapt for each sport in particular and also cater to these specific conditions that occur in the sport put into practice. As a clear example of the above is the presence of certain special footwear for activities that develop in grasses like football, football among others, where the use of los guayos or booties that are designed to provide greater comfort to the players, which also perfectly fit grass conditions to provide extra grip and ease when it comes to kicking the ball is vitally importantin such a way is not the same shoes used for jogging or for making aerobics than to play football or tennis. Other samples of sportswear, are the wristbands and balacas type Sweatshirt than by the General are used by players or football players, but they can also be used by other types of athletes, using them with the idea of removing the sweat of certain parts of the body. A component more than shown in the sportswear group are the gloves, which are used in different versions depending on the activity to perform, so in football gloves are used by archers or goalkeepers to catch balls, more easily are also used another type of gloves in football in order to properly receive passes or in Billiards is customary use of a spatial glove pair hold the block and prevent the rose with the skin that sometimes makes braking force that is printed to the taco. As sport clothing can understand it is designed depending on the situation and the sport according to criteria such as convenience and ease for the sportsman.


From these distinct forms of manifestation, them they are thought about three contexts, receiving, therefore, different denominations. They are called animals of the deep one when the rivers and igaraps are disclosed in, under the form of snakes, fish, botos and alligators. About this condition, them they are thought as dangerous, therefore they can provoke bad looked at or shot an arrow of animal in the common people. In case that they disclose under form human being, in the manguezais or beaches, they are called ' ' oiaras' ' ; in this in case that, they frequent appear as if were known people, friends or relatives, and desire to take the people for the deep one. The third form of manifestation she is that one where they, remaining invisible, become incorporated themselves in the people, she wants are those who have dom ' ' of nascena' ' to be xams, it wants are of who ' ' if agradam' ' , it wants are proper xams (pajs) already formed: in this in case that, they are called caruanas, guides or gentlemen. When disclosing itself in pajs, during the xamansticas sessions, the caruanas come to practise the good, over all to cure illnesses. The cosmoviso in would enchant Amazonian, according to Harris (2004), is divided in three worlds or domnios: the Sky, habitation of Deus and Dos Santos, are ' ' on ' ' ; the Intermediary, who is the world of the men, the material and profane world, is ' ' in meio' ' ; the Deep one, that is, the deepening of the rivers, the land or the bushes, is habitation of the magic ones and caruanas, he is ' ' embaixo' '. The world of the men would be linked for the Sky and the Deep one, and pajs, xams or masters are the axle of communication between these spheres.

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