Human Sciences

Yoga has its origins in human experience. His techniques for a life consciously spiritual, happy and healthy, has been developed over thousands of years and many generations. The Human Sciences of yoga have been, he says, systematized and used in forms evolved from 40,000 years ago, long before the advent of recorded history. Yoga was openly taught and integrated into the daily. There was no secret, no private mantras; There were only wise men recognized for his humility, fairness and effectiveness. These men refused to be elevated above the masses. Many of these Yogis were hailed by being able to extend their perceptual and psychological abilities beyond normal limits. Part of living a long life and suffer from few diseases, they practiced a natural ability to heal and accept the parapsychic phenomena as normal.

They understood diseases of man and health in terms of the basic energy of life and saw the man as an organized unit of energy, and may feel, receive and transmute the whole spectrum of energies that interact and remain in the cosmos. When they looked at a person’s body, they saw that it was like an envelope of energy or aura that reflected the higher power bodies of man. From this perspective of knowledge, direct observation product, they designed more techniques of meditation and healing. Its activity was not a mystical activity, his work was based on tangible observations of energy. Today the majority of people does not understand direct observation of energy in everything that exists, because it has taught us to disqualify its existence at an early age. This is a great pity, since and may resort to a resource available for any human being, we live in States of unconsciousness, of fear, excitement and violence totally unsuitable for the balanced development of being, the expansion of consciousness and the continuity of life on the planet. In those times of great knowledge, only three forms of yoga are practiced: Kundalini Yoga, Laya Yoga and Tantra Yoga. These three forms were practiced together.

All were taught openly; entire peoples practiced together. Kundalini Yoga consisted of exercises and meditations to heal and expands the capability of being. I could practice on an individual. Laya Yoga, was the technique to alter consciousness, total health by the use of sound and rhythm. It could be practiced individually, but it had its greatest impact when it was practiced by a large and coordinated group. Some meditations could only be made in group. Tantra Yoga was always practiced in pairs of man and woman. Tantra yoga wiped the subconscious of all phobias and psychological problems. Was practiced only under the guidance of a person called Mahan Tantrico. There was only one such person in the world, in its given time. That was the most esoteric and difficult techniques. All types of yoga are They focused to regulate and stimulate the energy in man, which was the essence of the required awareness so that the nervous system evolve and work to their full capacity. That energy was called Kundalini.

The Problem with Noises

The beep in your ears is a very characteristic symptom that can occur in one ear, in both or appear to come from the center of the head, this beep is known as tinnitus or tinnitus and discomfort that causes can be described as a ringing, buzzing or whistling perceived flashing or permanently and many times its volume depends on ambient noise. I.e. it is acute in quiet conditions especially before going to sleep, why which often makes it cost us to fall asleep. There are a wide variety of diseases or conditions that could trigger the beep in your ears. Between diseases or pathologies are very common infections in the ear wax plugs, fluctuations in blood pressure, anemia, hypothyroidism, and until tumors of the auditory nerve, although the latter occurs much less frequently. Also the use of anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin or quinine saved as adverse effect can cause tinnitus.

In some cases you can also depend on conditions environmental, and among these, the most common is when a person is exposed for long time to noise or high tone sounds that can cause damage in the cells of the cochlea, which are sensitive to sound and are located in the inner ear in a snail-shaped structure. Simple exposure to a sudden noise extremely high can cause tinnitus. There are also more common factors that relate these ringing in the ears as they are stress, smoking, alcohol, caffeine, anxiety and everything that leads to a life of concerns and high degree of nervousness. Tinnitus caused by these last factors is often the easiest to eliminate, once the decision to abandon any of these unhealthy habits has taken. There is a method of little known but very effective is guaranteed to make that tinnitus will disappear forever.

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ECCE HOMO: A SMALL BRIEF CERTIFICATION FOR YOUNG OF THIS AND OTHER GENERATIONS OR: The NEW Dedicated AVERAGE AGE to my Miriam sister and all/all guerreiros/as that, as our president Dilma Rousseff, had fought and fights against the cancer. In encarte of its record IT LIVENS UP, of 1982, Milton Birth wrote: ' ' This record brings that everything that I believe. All the things that taste. This will to believe, although everything that happens in the world, the opposite to this hope. The very great will to sing, to say the things for the people, of saying things that people heard, what people learned and that people follow living, although tudo' '. ' ' I will take the decision of being interior happy now, where today me encontro' '. (Paramahansa Yogananda) 1. INTRODUCTION Is so good for living! It is so good for being alive! Meeting as many reasons to be happy (although my chronic pessimism), but three things, lately, have left me with the certainty of that it is possible, yes, to be happy: the smile in the face of my sister, Miriam Blacksmith, the smile in the face of my Marizete pupil Pine, the UNEB2000 of Thick Capim and the smile in the face of our president, Dilma Rousseff.

Detail: the three had had – or have? cancer, and had been – or they are – in the fight against this badly. always with a smile in the face! This text brings my ideas and of a great German writer called Hermann Hesse, Nobel de Literatura, extracted of whom better book is its, at least for me, ' ' The Wolf of the Estepe' ' (citations between quotations marks and in boldface, the body of the text). 2. ' ' We do not learn nothing with our experience. We only learn reflecting on ours experincia' '.

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