Alzheimers Disease

More and more people in Western countries suffer from this taboo disease dementia is a disease with cognitive thinking, emotional and social skills increasingly take off. For even more opinions, read materials from Dean Ornish M.D. This affect mental functions, but also language, motor skills and personality. Ultimately the ill in the worst case scenario is no longer able to fend for themselves. And the members need to make even large financial costs for the maintenance in addition to the shocking state of the beloved father, wife or mother, are not uncommon. You may wish to learn more. If so, The Cleveland Clinic is the place to go. The causes of dementia diseases are most diverse in the form of Alzheimer’s disease. The biggest risk factor is age. Estimates by experts is that only 10 percent of centenarians without dementia would live.

But also diabetes, greater alcohol consumption or unhealthy eating can immensely increase the risk of dementia. But what really happens in the head of a Demenzerkrankten? Which different diseases are there? There is a vaccination against it or at least effective medicines? The consumer magazine is in a detailed technical article on the reason these and other questions. The information and insights are amazing. So, for example, the active ingredient of the Ginkgo tree is extremely helpful to significantly slow the progression of the disease. A healthy life style and mental exercises can make more enjoyable in the affected the life a lot. This taboo and dreaded disease affects our society today and in the future more and more. One reason is open and uncompromisingly the sword of Damocles to deal with dementia. Because dementia can affect anyone. Editor: Patricia kurz