Air Europa

The Ministry of industry, tourism and trade has given the green light to the use of mobile phones on the plane and thereby also breaks with the calm so far enjoyed this means of transport users to not having to listen to seat peers continuously talking on the mobile. According to the ministerial order which came into force on Wednesday, industry will allow passengers from airlines such as Air Europa, Spanair or Easyjet send and receive calls and messages provided that the aircraft fly from 3,000 metres in height. Although the regulation is already applicable, travelers who must keep their phones turned off during takeoff and landing, not be used at the moment the mobile phones during their trips until the MCA operators, carriers and mobile operators to agree on the new framework established by industry. This collaboration agreement must be set taking into account the current stage of the three previously mentioned agents: operators MCA his serving of mobile communication in flight to the airlines, which in turn must reach a deal with the operators of terrestrial telephony. In addition, flight companies must be adapted their aircraft with the appropriate infrastructure to make possible the communication with the satellite, while mobile operators on Earth will be responsible to ensure correct communication to passengers travelling aboard the aircraft.