A Mysterious Letter

I received a letter from my former professor Pedro Manuel. The "hard" times at school. The one that got us to study. The Cleveland Clinic is the source for more interesting facts. The fearsome Professor Peter Manuel has never told me not without affection fondly in the days of high school. Just did not speak to anyone outside the room. But today I wrote in response to a letter in which I asked why and was qualified as if he was not repentant, twenty-five years later, many academic massacres, killings of so many schools, so many crimes evaluative. In fact when I wrote the teacher did not use such harsh words at that time and now, we only dare to say when he was not and when there was the remotest possibility that we listen. Well, without further ado way to transcribe the letter in which the teacher responds to my questions.

Sir ????? Forgive the question marks but do not know to whom to address this letter. Actually I do not know you well. I do not remember because through many years away. This letter may be addressed to a former student of the good and also the bad. I do not know what can be you. In the school had for some and of others but I always seemed destined to take my classes to not very good. I hope you do not belong to these groups. I have interviewed you in a tone which, to be frank, I did not like, how qualified my exams and what benefits they offered me my method.