Content: What is the Environment? Specific Objectives: The student will recognize what are the factors in the environment (ecosystem) in which it develops. Activities: Brainstorming on the subject After recognizing the factors make a list of them. Direct questions about the environment. Develop a picture of the environment that surrounds him. Exercise "imagining a better environment" What are closing their eyes? 2. Content: Factors that pollute the environment Specific Objectives: The student will recognize the factors that pollute the environment and the damage they create not only the environment but to all living beings. There will be more reference to the factor we are interested in combating pollution in our community "Trash" Activities: research teams make their choice on the factor of the above and share the information with their peers.

Develop posters directed to the students inviting them to not pollute our environment. 3. Content: What is garbage? Specific Objectives: The student will understand that means trash, the big problem and causing the terrible drama which means for large cities. The student will know what the problems are caused by the garbage: odor infections and environmental pollution source of vermin. Activities: Brainstorming What is trash? Activity what sights are the garbage on the street? And what does it contain? Representation "Waters with the health inspector" Garbage preliminary questionnaire (application) 4. Content: Classification of garbage Specific Objectives: The student will recognize: Types of Waste Organic waste: agricultural and food waste, from households, parks and gardens or in food industries.