Lavender Oil

Lavender essential oil is obtained through distillation of the flowers of wild plants grow large altitutes usually south of France, cualtivadas from seed producing various types of lavender and since the flowers do not produce much oil make it extremely valuable. Considered one of the essential oils most gentle and versatile it is used successfully to treat insomnia, depression, impatience, stress and anxiety provides the best therapeutic properties even when combined with other essential oils. It is perhaps one of the most used oils or the first with the contact that people have to be frequently used in industry perfurme, cosmetology, and also to add flavor to candy and beverages. It is the most advisable to purchase has never been used when no other essential oil as it has a pleasant aroma, many properties and is safe. Unlike most essential oils can be used directly without dilution but remembering that only a few drops are sufficient. If you want to take effect on the mental or emotional can be applied as a perfume in areas of the skin less sensitive. Therapeutic properties and uses: Digestive System: stimulates digestion, increases intestinal movement, also used to treat dyspepsia, flatulence, cramps, nausea and diarrhea.

Genito-urinary system: diuretic, restores hormonal balance, relieves cramps. Used to treat infections, vaginal discharge and cystitis. Circulatory System: helps lower blood pressure, used for hypertension. Muscles: joints reduces muscle tension, relieves pain, rheumatism, lumbago and injuries to the ligaments. Respiratory System: antiseptic, antispasmodic.

Used to treat infections, flu, bronchitis, cough, asthma, nasal congestion and laryngitis. Skin: antiseptic, controls oil production and stimulates circulation. Helps heal and rejuvenate the skin blisters, also used to treat acne, wounds, burns, inflammation, psoriasis and wrinkles. Emotions: calming, refreshing and relaxing, used to treat depression, headache, insomnia, nervous fatigue.

Weight Loss Surgery

” John said that he underwent gastric bypass surgery for a simple reason: because they wanted to live. Before surgery, John had suffered two heart attacks. Also had high blood pressure, severe edema in both legs, liver disease and the warning that if no weight down soon, would not live much longer. In 2007, before deciding on the surgical procedure for weight loss, John watched TV and saw a documentary about a young man who was held for 16 years when I weighed over 200 kilos. This young man, Brandon Bennett was the inspiration for John Beissert.

Then John got in touch with the producer of the documentary, Angie Flores, who soon became a friend and adviser of John about the surgery. John researched everything I needed to know about the surgery, including the procedure, risks, which could eat, etc.. Thus John started to live his life as if he had actually undergone surgery. He began to eat only 1,200 calories per day, left the soda and sugar, and fruits and vegetables changed. Also started to exercise, initially walking around the block where he lived, to exercise four hours as it does today. In a few months, John lost about 30 kilos before the surgery. For your insurance company could pay Barathrum surgery, he was asked to go to a psychologist to consider whether it was suitable for surgery. He spent more than a year to your insurance company pay for its operation.

When asked for advice from your family, after lose 30 kilos, he was advised to continue with diet and exercise, since once he had worked. But he considered it appropriate to perform the surgery, although it was a difficult decision. Physically, John has been exercised four hours a day, and emotionally had to make peace with yourself, forgive yourself and others around him. He began to believe he deserved a better life and his children and his wife. To undergo gastric bypass surgery changed his life. Indeed, he began to experience changes from the moment he decided to lose weight. Now is a role model and offers his testimony to help others in your same situation. v A weight-loss surgery offers a total change in the lives of people with obesity. Try and change your life. Cecy Garcia Cecy Garcia Duran Bariatric Psychology has a degree in psychology, psychology specialist bariatric or obesity, eating disorders and emotional.